Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kylan-The Monkey

Kylan is doing alot better!! Saturday, he was still a little cranky like his ears were sore. He had his good moments and his bad moments. On Sunday, he was FULL FORCE!!!! We did our Sunday ritual of going to IHOP and Granna, Pappy, Tay-Tay, Granny and PawPaw were there so we ate with them. Kylan sat in between Pappy and PawPaw. He had everyone laughing. He was sitting on the bench like a big boy throughout the whole meal. He was sooooo animated. He kept looking out the window, seeing the cars go by on the highway and saying "caws" which means cars. He's just in the best of moods now. Last night, he didn't want to go to bed worth anything. Maybe he's actually starting to feel good and he's just wanting to stay up all the time now. But we know, he needs his sleep so we all can stay sane! Anyway, after his bath time, I was putting lotion on him and he was just singing away. I was hoping Scott would hear him and try to get a little video of him but he decided he needed to stop singing. I just wanted to update everyone on how our little monkey was doing! I hope to be taking some pictures of him and hopefully get a video of our little singer!

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