Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sr. Cpl. Norman Smith

I am sure everyone has heard about this but he was a gang unit police officer for Dallas. At my past job, I had the chance to deal with a bunch of the Dallas police officers and Dallas Fire. I hate when this happens because I got to know alot of them. This is the 3rd police officer that I knew that has been killed in the line of duty. Unfortunately, this one hit me hard because I knew him a little more than the other ones. Like I told Scott, he is the nicest and sweetest police officer I have ever met. I never once saw him in a bad mood and he was always cheery! He had a kind of love with his wife that people just envy. She would walk in and his face just lit up. He loved his job and so many people looked up to him. He was like a huge teddy bear. My prayers are with his wife, Regina who is also a Dallas police officer, and his children. I couldn't even imagine how this must feel.

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