Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Momma's sick little duckling!

Yep, you've heard it right, I have a sick little duckling on my hands! Kylan and I have been passing this cold back and forth between us and now he's really sick! Sunday, he started running fever of 100.2 so we started giving him Tylenol until we could get him to the Dr. on Monday. Well, he was running 101 on Monday morning so I made the appointment for first thing. Once again, he's got another ear infection. He might have one in both ears but he wouldn't let the Dr. look in the right ear. Guess that means I need to go ahead and call Dr. Skiles to see about getting tubes. His last one was in August and Dr. Skiles (the ear Dr.) said, "If he gets 1 more ear infection, we need to go ahead and get tubes put in." Well, he hasn't had one since then so I was thinking, just maybe he's grown out of them and hopefully he will not have anymore. No such luck! First, we have to figure out our insurance situation. It expires on the 31st so we are in the process of looking at some temporary insurance. I just hope the temp. insurance covers something like that. If not, it's going to have to wait until Scott finds a job. Poor baby, he was so miserable looking last night. His eyes were all red and puffy, his nose steady running! He would just sit on the couch with me and Scott, so we know he was pretty miserable! That boy doesn't sit still at all. Hopefully today, he will get some more rest and get to feeling better tomorrow!
On the job situation, it's not going very good! Luckily, Scott's dad has some pretty good size houses going so Scott's helping his dad with those. He's sent out LOTS of resumes but no one is hiring!! I take that back, he got one job offer and I said "NO"! It was an environmental group that his housed out of Canada. The guy said Scott would be traveling 90 to 100% of the time and the pay wasn't even worth it! I told Scott, "did you tell him that you have a family?" If all else fails and that was the last resort, then he has to do what he has to do, but I do not agree with it. That job is more for a someone who isn't married with a child! Anyway, off to work I go. VERY BUSY!!! Just had to get everyone up to date. :-)

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