Monday, January 19, 2009

A little luck would be GREAT!

Boy, have we had a rough past week! Kylan went to the Dr. with an ear infection and cold, I came down with the same cold so I was feeling bad, and now, Scott has the same thing only his is worse! He has an appointment today at 2:00 for his. Kylan went back at 9:30 for a checkup on his ears and what does the Dr. say, he is wheezing so he needs to go to the hospital for an RSV test. He said he doesn't think he has it but he would rather be safe than sorry. Now, we have an appointment tomorrow to go see Dr. Skiles in Frisco for his ears. If Dr. Skiles was to say that he needs to go ahead and get tubes (which is very likely since we all were waiting for the next ear infection) than we were to go in on Friday to get them done. Well, if he has RSV, we can't get that done until he is all better. Well, we had to rush and do the tubes thing because Scott's insurance runs out on the 31st. Oh, timing is just awful right now! I try to keep positive through everything but it just seems like it's getting worse! I just had to vent and get that off my chest. I will keep everyone updated when I get word.

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