Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Juice, Sillyness, and Doors

Well, today was the day Kylan got his tubes in his ears!! It's been a very exhausting day. We got up at 4:15 to leave for the hospital by 4:45 in Frisco. Everything went great! It went so fast we didn't have time to finish making our coffee! He was VERY cranky in the recovery room but came out of it for the most part about 45 minutes later. Dr. Skiles said he did great but he still had a little bit of infection in both ears.He sat in the anesthesiologist's lap and took the strawberry flavored gas and he fell fast asleep. He drained quite a bit of fluid from his ears so hopefully the infection will clear up pretty fast since he is still on antibiotics. Anyway, we got home and he stayed up for a little while, while daddy took mommy's car to get the oil changed and get a haircut. I finally put him to sleep because he just couldn't walk hardly. He slept for about and hour and a half and that was it for the rest of the day. Which made for a very long day. He has some visitors to wish him well so he got some balloons, a ball, a tractor, and a Valentines puppy that sings and his ears flap up and down. He would cranky one minute then happy the next and wouldn't even sleep for 30 minutes in the afternoon. Anyway, it's 7:40 and he's in bed and we are happy to just get to relax. I put some pictures below and a video of him being silly on his "happy juice"!

This is when he had his double ear infections:

He never sleeps on the couch so we knew he was miserable:

On the way to the hospital! Very Early!!!

Making friends like usual:

Oh the "happy juice" has kicked in:

My little cutie:

Love his lashes:

After we left. He was sooooo cranky, which is normal coming out of the anesthesia:
All red from crying:
Getting better:

Oh, and here is the picture of Kylan when he got in a fight with the corner of the door. It busted both lips and a line is down the middle of his face. Poor thing! Let's just say the door won!! :-(

Hopefully tomorrow he will be a better mood and ready to run around like he used to. I will upload the video that we took of Kylan on his "happy juice" tomorrow. For some reason it's not letting me do it!! :-(

Talk to y'all soon!

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