Monday, March 2, 2009

Glad to be at work!

Whew, what a weekend!! It was mentally and physically exhausting. According to the last post, I was sooooooo excited about going to both my little niece's' birthday party on Saturday. I was really looking forward to going and seeing my sister, along with all my other family since I don't get to really see them that much. Well, that did not happen. The party still happened, we just didn't go. Wednesday night, which was Scott's night to get up if Kylan woke up, so I took some unisom to help me sleep since I didn't have to get up. Anyway, Thursday morning, Scott said that he didn't get any sleep because Kylan was up about 5 times! He said it sounded like he was coughing or gagging. Then and there, I knew he has that stomach bug that the babysitter's daughter came down with a week and a half ago. I had been waiting on it. Well, he was getting sick when he was making all of that noise. I am at work on Thursday and Sheri told me that the babysitter was on the phone. I was thinking "Great!" ::sigh:: So Jessie, the babysitter, tells me that he's throwing up everywhere. Jane goes and picks him up since Scott started a new job just the day before and it's the prime of tax season at my office, so neither one of us could take off. Long story short, it wasn't a 24 hour bug, it was one that lasted all the way up until yesterday, or at least that was the last time he was sick. Saturday, he laid on me all day and slept, while I tried to get liquids in his system so he doesn't get too dehydrated. Which we all know, is very hard to get a toddler or baby to drink and eat when they don't want to. All he kept saying is "I want my mommy!" Which kind of made me feel good since he wanted only me. Here are a couple of pictures from Saturday while he was sleeping and lounging around that I took with my Blackberry Storm. Love that thing! Poor baby looked so pitiful.
He was lying here just soooo still.

Then he just leaned over and put his head on my lap, then he was out!

I felt so bad for him. I know how it feels to be dehydrated. It's the worst headache ever and you just feel like you've been hit by a truck.
Sunday (yesterday) we went to IHOP because hadn't been sick for almost 24 hours, we fed him a little cream of wheat and some banana, since banana was the only thing he kept down. We go home, he takes a nap, wakes up after sleeping on daddy for a while, then there he goes again!
Here he is sitting with daddy watching TV.
I just think he may have eaten a little too much at breakfast. He was fine after that. He didn't want to eat or drink out of his sippy cup, so he had another banana later and drank some water out of a regular cup. He slept pretty good last night so I am praying that he is over this stomach bug and we can go back to our normal life!!!!! He's at Jane's today so he can get the TLC he is needing and maybe, just maybe, he will be OK enough to go back to Jessie's tomorrow. Anyway, that was my LOVELY weekend and hopefully the week goes by alot better than the end of last week.
Next hurdle: Getting him to stop saying "NO" to everything and everyone!! Haha

Have a good week! :-)

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KRiSTiN said...

Awww, poor baby! Nothing's worse than your babies being sick. :( My husband is sick and he's just like a big baby, lol.