Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So ready for a vaca!

Boy am I ever ready to go on our vacation!!!!
This is the water that I have sooooooooo been missing since I have had Kylan. We are used to going on vacation out of the country at least once a year and since Kylan arrived, we've been unable to do so. Don't get me wrong, we did go to Palm Beach last year and we had a blast, but there is nothing like going on vacation, paying when you book it, and all you have to do is take money for souvenirs when you go!! God love the all-inclusive concept!! Wouldn't have it any other way. This year, we are going to Grand Riviera Princess in Riviera Maya, Mexico!! Scott and I went several years ago and loved it, only it seemed like there was a little small hurricane that hit while we were there!! Palm trees were blowing sideways and the ocean was too rough to get in the whole time. Oh well! I am still a little uncomfortable about taking Kylan out of country, especially Mexico, since the water is not drinkable. I guess we will have to do sponge baths on him because he isn't going the whole week without bathing and also the fact that he drinks a gallon of bath water when he takes one at home. Still trying to figure it out. I just can't help but smile at the fact that Kylan is going to be so AMAZED with the "bairpanes" and how big they are! I am counting down to June 22nd!!!! Here is the hotel that we are staying at:
This is the pool (or some of). It connects to alot of the rooms but we aren't able to stay in that particular room because of Kylan. The child has to be 13 or older! :-( I just thought that was so cool to be able to get to the pool from the room!

I LOVE the way the rooms are! So up to date!

View of the lobby!

The main walk through the hotel. It's really spread out so there will be LOTS of walking! Good thing, I will need it to walk off all of the food we eat on vacation!

I can just picture it in my head, lying in the pool, sipping on my fruity alcoholic beverage and getting a little tan (or burn)! ::sigh::

Now I just have to buy one of those stroller things that I can put Kylan's car seat on and roll it around the airport. I am not about to carry that heavy thing!! I love his carseat because it so safe, it's a Britax, but man, that thing is HEAVY!!! I've thought about him sitting in my lap on the plane but then I came to reality and that would never happen! He couldn't sit still for a couple of hours in my lap. He would be terrorizing the whole plane!! LOL
Well, to my past weekend, it was a pretty good weekend. I didn't work at all! Saturday night, Kylan went to Grana and Pappy's and spent the night so we could go watch the UFC fight with some friends of ours and we wound up staying awake until 2:00, which really was 3:oo due to time change. We had to get Kylan by 8:30 so they could take Taylor to softball practice in Irving I think. I was sooooo sleepy, I have to have my full 8 hours of sleep/more or I am no good. We met my sister, brother-in-law, and nieces and nephew at Chueys off of Knox so we could have a little lunch and give my nieces their b-day presents. It was so nice outside so we sat on the patio. We then proceeded to the store where we spent a little bit of money!! Uggghhhh We need a new computer at home really bad so we were looking into getting a Mac. Well, whataya know, there's a Mac store across the street! Long story short, we got a Mac (27 in. screen) computer and new printer/scanner. Really nice!! It's going to take me FOREVER to get used to using it. Well, now, since Scott his baby, I want just a small camera for us to take on vacation so we don't have to buy so many disposables. I refuse to take the good camera! That stays around home. Anyway, I best be going! Time to go home and play with lil man and eat some meatloaf with mashed potatoes!! MMMMMMMM I've been wanting that for a couple of days! Have a good week everyone! :-)

Oh, countdown to the end of tax-season is 34 days!! Wooooo Hooooo

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Wow! I'm so jealous! Looks like FUN!!