Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Busy little Bee

I am sooooo sorry that I haven't posted in a while. I usually try to post on Monday or Tuesday but this week has been crazy with work and me not feeling well. I have had a bladder infection all week and today I am starting to feel better. I've been drowning myself in water and grape-cranberry juice so that's helped alot, although I think the antibiotic has me feeling yucky and tired. I was hoping I wouldn't ever get one of these again since it's been years since I've had one but I guess it's inevitable with the lovely bladder and kidney problems that run on my side of the family. :-( Anyway, last weekend was great. Saturday, Scott and I went by ourselves to Waxahachie to do a little shopping for necessities. It was just a day that we could go as slow as we wanted without having to rush out because of Lil Man being cranky or bad!! LOL We wound up going to Target to look for a little potty for Kylan. I read on my babycenter emails that it's good to just get a potty and let him get accustomed to it so when he's ready he can use it. He loves the little potty. He hasn't used it yet but everyday before he gets in the bath, we sit him on there and ask him if he needs to go teetee or poopoo. It's the potty that has sensors so when he goes, it cheers him on and tells him to flush it. We haven't heard it yet though!! LOL We then went to Lowes to get something that Scott needed and found a little gardeners set that is made specially for little kids. We have a problem with him going over to my crate that holds all of my gardening tools and getting my shovel and rake thingy. So now he has his own to play with. I somehow found the clearance cart where I found Kylan this brown and mint green rug that is so fluffy. Got it for 14.99!! I was so excited because it's so soft and cute. It's now in his bedroom. Then we were walking by the rug section and I saw THE rug!!! I had to have it and it really wasn't that expensive. It's black and cream so it matches the bedroom perfectly!!! Here are a few pics and a video of Kylan while we were trying to move the heavy bed on it!
Well, no pics!! They didn't load off my little camera and they are already deleted! :-( Anyway, I lovvveeeeee my rug!!

Sunday, it was such a pretty day so we decided to go to the park in Waxahachie next to the hospital where I had Kylan. I've heard about this park because Scott did alot of walking while I was in labor but have never been there. It's such a nice park! It has a huge playground and lots of room to run and play. We are thinking about having Kylan's 2nd birthday party there in September. Here are some pics from the 3 of us and Granna, Pappy, and TayTay.
Fixing us a little lunch!
Loves to slide

Oh no, this one looks toooo fast:

Didn't like this one too much:

Let's try this one TayTay

Thanks for being my cushion TayTay: (Don't kill me for putting this on her Taylor!! At least I didn't put it on myspace or facebook! Yet ha!) lol and yes, that did hurt, goes right along with all the other injuries she got from softball practice that morning!!

Me trying to get him to do the monkey bars, key word trying:
Kylan and I posing:

Kylan and I fixing to slide:
I love this picture for some reason, guess because it caught the moment:
Not long after we got in the car, he was out! Slept all the way home. Went inside and he was full force again! Daddy walked into his playroom and busted him standing on the chair that PawPaw made a long time ago in which he knows he's not supposed to be standing on. Classic look of "You aren't seeing me do this" on his face!! LOL
Well, it's supposed to be another pretty day on Saturday and I am thinking about taking Kylan to Northpark to get his bunny pictures done. We are supposed to be getting his Little Tike playground tomorrow so maybe we can get it put together so he can play on it Saturday. It shouldn't take long to put together since is just a small one. Once he gets bigger we'll get him a big one. Next week we have to get ready for Easter weekend! Hopefully it will be warm and pretty outside so he can wear his shorts that we got for him to wear for Easter. He's going to get to play with his 2nd cousin Camdyn so we will see how that goes! Hopefully he's sweet to her! Everyone have a great weekend.

Oh, by the way, 12 more days till tax season is over!! Woooo Hoooo


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