Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rosco, you gotta go!

We are kinda going through a bitter sweet situation right now. Our horse (dog) is going to have to go. We got him fixed maybe about 3 weeks ago and he has become this mean, overpowering, vicious dog! He used to growl at Bandit every now and then when it came to food but this morning, he took it to the max! It's gotten to be every morning where he would do this. Bandit, who should be the alpha male since he was here first, got to where he was cowering down, not coming around Scott (which is his dog), not lying on the porch or in his dog house, etc. Prime example, last night it was cold and raining, where was Bandit sleeping? Not in the dog house with hay to keep him warm, but out in the rain because Rosco was on the porch. Before Rosco, he would LOVE to lay in the dog house with hay because it kept him really warm. Poor Bandit! Well anyway, this morning after I left for work, Scott said that he went to feed the dogs and Rosco growled at Bandit. I guess he looked back out before he went to take Kylan to Jessies and saw that they were fighting. Well, Bandit was on his back and Rosco had him pinned and was attacking him. Scott ran out there and started hitting Rosco with a stick and he tried to bite Scott. Rosco would go away and then go right for Bandit again. Rosco wasn't biting Bandit on the leg or the body, he was biting him on the neck. Scott said this happened about 5 times. He said that Rosco had the meanest look in his eyes and like he was out to kill Bandit. Meanwhile, Kylan is watching all this and screaming and crying. Scott took Bandit to his mom's house and we are going to call the vet today to see if one of the ladies up there wants to take him. When Scott went to pick him up, this lady said if we ever want to get rid of him, she would take him. So we are going to call her and if she doesn't want him, he's going to SPCA off of industrial. I am kinda sad because he was "my" dog and I never had a problem with him but we don't want to come home and find Bandit dead. Or worse yet, Kylan being outside and him attacking Kylan! Bandit was a gift to Scott from me for our wedding. I don't know what has gotten into him! Yes I understand we took his manhood away but Bandit is also neutered and we NEVER had that kind of a problem with him. Anyway, kinda in a down mood today. Maybe it's a sign. Maybe we don't need 2 dogs right now. Scott said that later on, if Kylan and I want another dog, we can get one. Maybe we will get another Australian Shepherd that's a female, not a male!! After all, Australian Shepherds are pretty and sweet dogs, little hyper, but overall good dogs!
This one is Bandit (Australian Shepherd):
And this one is Rosco, the one that's got to go:
Well, hopefully the day gets better. Talk to everyone soon!

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