Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Leggings aren't just for girls, are they?

I bought Kylan some leggings that he could wear around the house so his legs won't get cold.  He likes to run around in a t-shirt and diaper but his legs would be like little icebergs, so I bought these cute striped leggings for boys.  Excuse me, I need to go see why Kylan is tattling on Daddy!!  OK, he was tattling on Daddy for getting after him for messing with the other computer.  LOL  Scott was telling my what Kylan did and Kylan comes along in the background yelling like he's telling me what happened too!!  Is this starting already????  I had to yell above both of them and tell them I can't understand them when both of them are talking!!  It's toooooo early to be starting this! LOL  Anyway, about the leggings, I think they are cute.  He likes them because they keep him warm and he can run around being comfortable.  Here are some pictures.  I don't think they are girly if they are boy colors!!

I even matched his shirt to them!! 

Here are some cute little videos that we got when Kylan was following me around holding on to his blanket.  Her did everything I did and then we switched it around.  You will also get some of his "NO" action!!

Here's the second part:


Well, hopefully everyone is having a good week! 

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Amanda said...

That is just too cute :)