Sunday, March 22, 2009

Beautiful Weather, NO, Craziness, and Run & Stop

Well, thank goodness it's the end to a VERY long and horrible week!  I was thinking it was starting off good because I won a free photo session but it just got worse throughout the week!  Not only that, the week just took FOREVER!!  When it was Tuesday, I thought it was Wednesday.  When it was Wednesday, I thought it was Thursday, and so on.  Everyone at work is finally feeling the stress of tax season so everyone is on each other nerves and a couple of people finally stabbed me in the back the last time this week.  There has always been drama up there but this time, they took it too far and I am done with being friends with these two people.  I was planning on cleaning when one of these girls stopped working there and I told one of the bosses I was interested in doing this since it's extra money that we need.  So long story short, the girl that's leaving got her feelings hurt because one of the bosses told her to cut down on her personal business because it's getting busy and she's needed at the front.  This boss was really nice about how he put it so I don't know where she got it wrong.  I told her I was interested in taking the cleaning over because I could really use the extra money due to Kylan's daycare and having to pay for our own medical insurance a while back (about a month ago.)  She went and told her friend after she got her feelings hurt and her friend went to the head honcho that she would like for her 13 year old son to clean when her friend leaves.  He said OK because he had no idea that I told the other boss.  My big thing is is that the girl leaving should have told her friend that I already said I wanted to clean but she didn't.  I guess it's just a personal issue because that was one thing I could do to help out around this house since Scott basically has 2 jobs.  Anyway, I just think why does a 13 year old need $400 a month?  I guess they think he needs it more!!  Oh well, I need to get over it!

Well, this weekend was good and I LOVE the weather!!  We did a lot outside.  Saturday, after I got home from work, Kylan and I went to gather up trash cans with daddy from the houses his dad's building.  They are on a little lake so we walked around the houses, went to the little lake and sat on the dock while daddy worked.  Didn't sit on the dock for long since Kylan though he needed to walk around, which I would let because he would go straight of the dock!! Scares me to even think about it.  He climbed dirt piles, sang in the houses because it echoed, and was just in a silly mood because he was hanging with daddy and momma.  We came home and planted the azalea bushes while Kylan ran around in the back yard playing with Bandit.  It was just a fun and relaxing family day.  That evening, after we all took a showers and went to eat, Scott and Kylan were playing a game:Stop & Run!!  He would run then stop on a dime when daddy told him to.  It was so cute because his little short legs were going 90 miles an hour.  Here's a little video that I managed to catch:

Sunday, Scott had plans to go with Robert to a cafe/bar because there was a country radio station there and they had bands so Kylan and I went to my mom's to have lunch with them and my 2 nieces and nephew, since she kept them for the weekend.  Kylan had a blast playing with his cousins while we had a yummy steak, baked potato, and salad lunch!  I'm still stuffed!  We came home and I had to water the plants and the garden so Kylan just ran around.  All of the sudden, I didn't see him so I started calling his name.  I faintly heard his voice so I traced it to this:
He found a new house!!  Thankfully Scott cleaned it out on Saturday!!  

Are we the only one's that are going crazy with the word "NO"?  Kylan is wearing that word out.  Me and that word are about to go round and round!  He says NO to anything and everything.  He's been saying this for almost a month and we were hoping he would get over it pretty fast but not so much.  We will be driving and no one will even be talking to him and he will yell "NO"!  For no reason.  Uggggghhhhh, will this phase ever end?  I am hoping he finds another word that he will latch on to soon.  His vocabulary is great I think for his age.  He's 18 months today and he says so much.  Although some of it you can't understand but most you can.  He counts to 2 by saying one, two, go!  He says banana (or nana), i get it, mere (come here), kitty, bair pane, kitty, and all kinds of other words.  I am thinking it's because he's around older kids at Mrs. Jessie's so he's learning all kinds of stuff.  He's got one molar on each side (upper and lower), all his "eye" teeth, and all the front teeth in.  He's still our little short stack though.  He was weighing 24 lbs but after that 4 day stomach bug, he's back down to 21 lbs.  I will update more after I take him in for his 18 month checkup, which I need to schedule next week.  Hopefully no shots though.

We have finally got our Mac up and it's now sitting in our bedroom.  We are converting the office into a play room because Kylan has wayyyyyyyy too many toys that just don't fit in his room.  I definitely love this new computer.  It's got a program called Iphoto that I can do all kinds of things to the photos.  It has face recognition where when you load the photos, it will categorize them by the face.  I can also print cards if I choose too!  It's pretty cool.  Anyway, I just put Kylan to bed and now I am going to sit on the couch and watch a little Lifetime since Scott isn't home yet!!  Love me some Lifetime!! LOL  Hope we all have a good week and enjoy the weather while we have it. :-)

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