Monday, February 23, 2009

Pretty good weekend...

I would have to say!!! Let's see, I worked a little on Saturday morning so that was pretty un-eventful and Saturday was a day with Scott and Kylan. Sunday started off pretty good by us waking up and realizing that Kylan slept through the whole night! It's been a while since he's done that with him being sick and all. Scott and I got up, got ready and went into Kylan's room to see if he was up. We go in there and he always runs around his bed so we can't catch him. Well, this time, I decided to throw him off! Take a look:
At first, he was pushing on me to get out of his bed and stop using his nite-nites!

Then he realized, hey this is pretty nice having momma in my bed! :-)

Then he decided to love on me!

My sweet little baby! I love him to death! :-)

He was wondering why I was in his bed!! LOL
Anyway, after we got him ready, we did our Sunday ritual of going to IHOP!! MMMMMM, blueberry pancakes! We went back home so Kylan could get in a little nap (and because he was acting like a little toot!) He took a 10 minute nap then we decided to go shopping because we needed to get Macie and Mia a birthday present for their parties this weekend. Well, what do we do, we go and get an upgrade for my phone!! WoooHooo, it was due for an upgrade. I got the new Blackberry Storm. It's so nice with my little pink cover for it! hahaha
Scott got some clothes from Old Navy, while I got a pair of shorts a size too small since I am in the process of losing weight and they ARE going to fit this summer!! :-)
It was a nice little day and I can't wait until Saturday when I can see my sister and her family! It's been a while. Oh, and by the way, I can't wait for this nice weather to be here for a couple of days!
Everyone have a nice week!

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