Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Hump Day!

Boy is this ever a hump day today!! I had the hardest time waking up this morning. Maybe because Scott has a dentist appointment at 9:00 and he was still sleeping when I was almost done getting ready! The highlight or my morning was going into Kylan's room to give him a kiss goodbye and he was in his bed lying all weird. I was leaning over to give him a kiss and he opens his eyes really fast and starts laughing at me like he was trying to fool me into thinking he was really asleep! It was so cute and funny. So I took him into the other room with Scott and Kylan gave me his regular open mouthed kiss goodbye and told me he loved me! :-) Is it wrong for me to feel special because I am the ONLY one he will give kisses to? I guess he's definitely a momma's boy! :-)

Yesterday, I was ironing my dress for work today, since the office has a funeral to go to, and I had slightly closed the laundry room door so Kylan couldn't get in to mess with the cat's stuff. Kylan was throwing his toys in through the crack and started whining and saying Uh Oh. So I would hand him his toy and he says Thank You! I had been trying to teach him good manners and I am sooooo glad that it's paying off. I want him to be the kid where people say, he's so polite!

I am soooo excited about getting out of the house and having some "me time" on Sunday. My mom and I are doing our ritual of going to Canton. We usually like to go in the fall and spring just to get away. I just hope I don't see anything I like and really want to buy!! That's usually when I see stuff though. :-(

Anyway, off to work I go since it's a half day and since quarterly reports are coming up.

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