Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Busy Busy Busy...

I have been sooooooooooooooo busy up here at work trying to get quarterly reports out and getting my regular work done. Along with a tax deadline today!! It's crazy. I look at my desk and it's just a mess, paper's everywhere, stacks of files all over the place! I can't stand it when my desk is a mess. AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH

Last night, Kylan was acting like a 2 year old (terrible 2's). He turned 1 on the 22nd and he's already acting terrible!! Last night, he decided he was going to stomp his feet and throw a fit. Then, I was changing his diaper before I put him to bed and he decided he was going to throw his paci at me. So I told him no, that we don't do that and I stuck the paci back in his mouth. He only takes the paci when he goes to bed. Well, he threw it at me again and went "ugggghhhhh". Well, I took the paci away from him and put him in bed. I think, since he threw it at me, he shouldn't get it back. Well, I was just going to let him scream it out and then Scott said, "you didn't let me tell him good night." I told him to go in there and tell him good night but DON'T GIVE HIM HIS PACI SINCE HE THREW IT AT ME 2 TIMES. What did he do, he went in there, told him good night and gave him his paci because "he was screaming." Ugggggh, soooo frustrating. I don't want him to have that paci not just because he threw it at me, but it's going to start messing his teeth up!! Well, that is going to have to be something I am going to have to work on.

On another note, I am sooooo ready for this fun filled weekend! We aren't really sure what we are doing on Saturday but we might go to the fair or go to some kind of carnival a ways away with Granna, Pappy, and Tay Tay. Not really sure what we are doing. Then, on Sunday, it's going to be a day for just me and my sister. I plan on taking her to the movies to see a chick flick, if there is a good one, and out to eat for her birthday!! Can't wait! :-)

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