Monday, October 6, 2008


It was a pretty good weekend! Saturday, we actually didn't do anything for a change! We got up, went and ate IHOP (for the last time, explained below) and went home to do alot of nothing. Well, Scott mowed the yard while Kylan took a nap. Scott let me take a nap while he watched Kylan that afternoon, so sweet of him, and then went to a wedding for a little while that evening. It was really nice to just do nothing all day! :-) As for Sunday, it was a little busier. Scott had some running around he had to do so he had a Daddy-Son day while I went to Canton with my mom and sister. It was really nice, no kids, not too hot, and not too crowded. I went not really expecting to buy anything but came back with some goodies. They had alot of cute stuff there but I don't have a little girl. I have a boy and for some reason, no one likes to carry cute stuff for little boys. Maybe I should just start up a little business selling mainly boy stuff! It would probably be a big hit because I have the hardest time finding boy stuff so surely other people have that problem too! Hmmmm, something to think about! :-)

Well, today, I AM STARVING!!! We have this thing going on up here at work where we have a pot. Every person who is participating puts in $20. For every pound a person gains, that person has to put a dollar in the pot. Whoever reaches a weight loss of 20 lbs first gets all the money in the pot. I don't care so much about the $20 I put in, I just want to lose my last 20 lbs to be where I should be for my height. If I could just get past this first part of being hungry all the time and wanting a coke, I can do this!! I am excited!! :-) I'm already proud of myself because I have lost all my pregnancy weight and plus some, this would just be the cherry on top! Wish me luck and I will keep ya'll updated!

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