Monday, June 29, 2009


Yay for Vacations!!!  We got back from Riviera Maya on Saturday and boy were we ready to be back!  Let me get to some of the pictures:
Fixing to get on the shuttle to the airport

Waiting for the plane

Fell asleep before we even took off:

We finally got there and got through customs.  After an hour ride from Cancun to the hotel, we got there and saw how beautiful and HUGE it was.  Here, we are all just wondering around waiting for our rooms to be ready:
It was super hot and humid so look at these little rosey cheeks:

We finally got checked in and this is some of our room and the view from the balcony:
Now on this one, I swear he is such a BEAUTIFUL little boy!!! He had to wear Mommy's flower :-)
Anyway, this could go on and on!  It was a really beautiful place.  Scott, Taylor, and I went to Xel-Ha on Wednesday and we took our water camera so those pictures will come later when I get them developed.  Basically, it was just a lot of relaxing at the pool and beach.  Friday, we all got a massage!!Haaahhhhhhh  Except for Kylan that is.  Jane, David, and Taylor got one at 10:00 and Scott and I at 11:00.  It was sooooo nice and severely needed.  I could have a massage every week if I could!! :-)  Kylan was good for the most part.  He had a couple of rough days because he had a molar break through.  More good than bad though.  He slept with us a couple of night because he said "No Like" to his jail bed that was supplied by the hotel!! LOL  He got used to some things that we don't do at home but has dropped those bad habits without too much fighting!  Thank goodness.  We were thinking there was going to be lots of timeouts.  Anyway, I am ready to go to bed and I hope everyone has a great week!

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KRiSTiN said...

wow!! i'm so jealous!! looks like all of you had fun. :D what a gorgeous place! glad you got a much needed vacation!