Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Busy Busy Ol' Meal

Well, since I've been home, it seems like I have been so busy!  Probably the simple fact that we are going to Mexico next week and I have so much to do.  I just haven't taken many pictures.  I'm starting to fail at my job!!  LOL  Here are a couple of pictures that I stood outside to take while we were having some pretty nasty lightning.  Not to mention, I got some good pics in which I got 9 mosquito bites while trying to get!!

You see the little rotation in there? (This was during the day)
Now, this was at night!! (in which I got the mosquito bites)

And YES, this was night time (that's how bright the lightning was)

OK, I finally found the pictures that I uploaded from my small camera.  Scott had to sync them to the mac so here are some pics from my small camera:::::
Just got his big boy haircut for the trip.  Look at all those chompers!!!
We definitely have a water baby on our hands.  He LOVES the pool!!

Here's Bandit, he needs a float because he doesn't like to swim!!! LOL

Well, there are many more so I will post another day.  I am tired, have a sore jaw (from the dental work I had done on Monday from my toothache from the weekend), and just would like to sit and relax.  Hope everyone had a GREAT hump day!!

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