Monday, June 8, 2009


Man, I sure have been a bad blogger.  There has been so much going on in my neck of the woods!!  I have totally lost track of time.  Anyway, let me start off by saying I am so pumped and ready to do what I am starting to do!!  I have been holding off on posting a blog because I have sooooo much to say.  

OK, since I have started my own little business, which is allowing me to be home with Kylan and stay around the house to do the things I need to do.  So far, I have had a great experience with my business (link to the left side of this post), although, very overwhelming at the same time.  It's either go through the hassles of starting my own thing of trying to get out and find another job.  I choose go through it at home with my Lil' Man! :-)  Basically, I have found a way to make money (not by selling), stay home with Kylan, and keep my home chemical free and Eco-friendly.  When we had Kylan, I wanted to do everything "green", feed him only organic, and overall have a very healthy environment.  I didn't want to give him medicine all time, but as we all know, the little man in my life is VERY high maintenance!!  As my mom says, how could he not be high maintenance when he's got 2 parents that have champagne taste on a beer budget.  Anyway, without giving it all away, I have found the best place to get the BEST products at a very in-expensive price.  I was waiting all last week to get them in so I could try them before I let people in on it.  I wanted to make sure they were good before I turn the people I love most onto them.  Well, here I come!!  It's just a SMALL & EASY change in the way of shopping.  You go straight to the website, order what you need, and they deliver.  I, in no way, deal with what you are ordering.  I am just the person that gets you set up with them and then I set you free into their caring hands!! :-)  You can get most of the stuff at this place that you can at Walmart, Target, or the grocery store!!  That's where I get my pay check, turning people onto them and get some commission from what y'all buy!  Why support Corporate America (who has billions and billions of dollars) when you could support me (and my family!!) :-)  And you would be keeping yourself and your family healthy!!  Right?!?!?!?!?!  Just click on the Internet CEO Moms button to the left and it will take you to my site.  You could either work from home like me or just fill in your info and I will call you.  Just let me know if you would like to know the product and business side or just the product side.  COME ON, SUPPORT ME!! :-)

Anyway, I am just now getting to post pictures from a week ago from the Spray Park in Rockwall.  Kylan and I went to see my sister in Rockwall so we decided to take Kylan and Mia to play in the water.  Kylan was a little skeptical at first but he warmed up and started to jump around like he was galloping!!  It was too cute.  I'll have to get the picture that my sister caught of him in mid air "galloping!"  Here are some pics that I caught:

Mia taking her little cousin back out there: ( love this one, it's like she's protecting him)

Him running back: LOL
Mia showing Kylan how you do it:
Ok, let me tell you this story!  This is a little boy that came up to Kylan right after he picked up a stick.  This little boy came up to Kylan and started trying to take the stick from Kylan.  Then, this is where I get disgusted but also amused at the same time.  The little boy takes Kylan's stick and the mom says to Kylan in a very sweet sarcastic voice, "Are you going to share?"  I could see Kylan looking at him like "why did you just take my stick?"  So I told Kylan to just come on and play in the water.  The little boy came up to Kylan to give the stick back a few minutes later and Kylan gave him this look like "I don't want that stick anymore since you took it from me!"  It was funny but it kinda agitated me.  I wanted to tell that woman, "How about you teach your kid some manners and teach him to ask for the stick or get another!"  But, I figured that's a battle that's not that big of a deal so I let it go.  You can mess with me but not my little man!!  My "mother hen" mood kicked in.  LOL  I just can't believe that woman said that to Kylan when her son just came and took the stick from Kylan.  There were plenty of sticks but he wanted the one that Kylan had!!  Ugggghhhhhh Anyway, I could go on for days about that.  Back to the pictures!

It was a pretty good day!  Can't wait until we can do it again with all four of the children.  Maybe in a couple of weeks when Chris, my brother-in-law, can be home alone.  He just had his 3rd back surgery last week so he needs lots of TLC from my sis.

Me doing this business venture, has allowed me to be Betty Crocker!! LOL  I have made more banana nut bread in the past 3 weeks than I have in my whole life.  It was YUMMY!!  More Betty Crockerness to come :-)

Well, I am heading out to paint our little picket fence so this blog entry is done!  Have a great Monday!

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