Wednesday, July 15, 2009

4th and so on!

My business is finally starting to pick up!  I'm so excited :-)  Most people that read this I have sent an email to about starting Melaleuca but I am loving their products.  Kylan's eczema is almost gone!!!!!  It only flares up when we've been slacking on the bath oil.  Anyway, it's been a while since I have posted.  Lots happened since then.  I've been busy with advertising my little business and little things here and there.  First come the 4th!  We had lots of fun in the sun and saw lots of fireworks.  We went to see the fireworks in Waxahachie on Friday night:
This was so funny!  He kept trying to run to the edge of the truck and it almost gave us a heart attack every time so Scott hooked the dog leash to his pants so he couldn't go anywhere.  He's got the classic baby butt showing now!!  Too Cute! :-)
Pappy decided to sneak in the picture:
We then spent the next day lounging around and swimming.  Kylan was so excited he didn't even stop to put on his swimsuit:
His own little personal pool in the shade of a tree!!
Daddy and Taylor pushing him back and forth on the surfing slide!

I think we have a brute on our hands:

He decided to sit on daddy and pose for the camera:

and of course me sitting in the shade relaxing!!
We went and fed the ducks (and turtles) again!
We finally decided to get Bandit a haircut.  His hair is so thick and long that he's suffering this summer.  I kept him inside for a little while and then he was ready to go back out.  We can tell he's much happier:

He decided he wanted to wear his hat that Daddy and I bought him in Xel-Ha in Mexico:

I decided to see if maybe Kylan would start potty training so I made him a little Potty Jar.  I decorated it and put jelly beans in there so every time he goes pee pee or poo poo, he gets a prize out of the potty jar.  We started that on Monday and let's just say that that jar hasn't been opened yet, except to give Daddy one.  Basically to show Kylan what happens if he goes potty.  Still, Nothing!! :-(  We will keep working on it and maybe he will catch on one day.  Poor thing just doesn't understand.
Here are some pictures from this past Saturday at a friend of ours watching the UFC.  Kylan was playing with their little girl that's just 3 weeks younger named Gracie.
Here he's loving Robert (Scott's best friend.)  He kept going up to him trying to get him to open his Gatorade.

Anyway, Kylan is growing up so fast it's not even funny.  His vocabulary is so large!  This boy talks non stop.  Even Mrs. Jessie misses him when he's not there because "none of the other kids talk to them!"  LOL  We always try to talk to him so he's a smart boy! :-) Now it's almost time for Birthday Party #2!  Hmmmmm what's going to be the theme this year ?!?!
Well, time to go!  I am sleepy and I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow.  Everyone have a great weekend!

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