Sunday, February 8, 2009

We didn't blow away

We didn't blow away in the wind. Well, it was a pretty busy week. Tax season has started and I am required to work at least 50 hours a week. I almost made it last week, but I missed the 50 hours by maybe and hour or two. Oh well, next week will be better.
I got a few pics of Kylan on Friday morning. He's always so happy when he wakes up and he came walking in with his hair looking like this:
His hair was alllllllll over the place and he thought it was so funny!!
Saturday, we got up, went to eat a little breakfast, did a run out to Valley Farm (a place where Scott's dad has a couple of houses going), then came home and Kylan took a nap. After he woke up, we went to Duncanville to meet Scott's parents for lunch because Taylor just finished a basketball tournament. We came home, put together his Anywhere Chair from Pottery Barn (which he loved) and he played and FINALLY figured out how to pull things behind him. He used to always just hold the toy in the air. I caught a few pictures and it was so cute. He would go in the kitchen and got thru to the other side. He just kept going in circles over and over and over pulling his little helicopter. Here's a few pics from Saturday:
I got this pic of his eyes! He definitely has my eyes :-)

Here he is planting a HUGE kiss on me!! Those are the best kind :-)

Saturday night, Daddy went to Robert's house since I had been working late all week and he had been taking care of Kylan. He needed a break so Kylan and I had a night to ourselves. We played with his little kitchen until it was time to take his bath and go to bed.

Sunday was really a good family day!! We got up and did our IHOP ritual. Kylan, once again, made some new friends. We had to do some grocery shopping so I wanted to also get some flower seeds so I could plant them before it rains. It was such a nice day and we didn't want to stay in the house so we spent a majority of the day outside working on the flower beds. It was fun, Kylan helped and rode around on his little four wheeler.

Here, he's got his little frog hat that I bought before he was born. It's still a little big:

Kylan's walking Bandit here! Of course Daddy was standing right there because Bandit would drag him off if he was to run after something.

Bandit and Rosco (the horse LOL)

Rosco and I watching Daddy and Kylan. Rosco is "my dog" and he was attached to my hip the whole time.

Kylan giving Rosco a hug. He's such a calm and laid back dog!

Kylan helping Mommy

I wish we could have gotten this on video! He was telling me all about it. It's like he was excited about something and he was telling me. It was so adorable. You can see the sheer excitement on his face, well the side of his face. He's got the biggest smile. I love him more than anything!!!

He was sitting on this rock, under the little tree!

It was a pretty good weekend. I'm glad I decided to not work this weekend since it's probably going to be a while until I get a full weekend with my men. Now, I am just waiting for these storms to come in so I can get some good sleep. I hope everyone had a good weekend also!

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