Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Darn My Curiosity

Yet again, my curiosity has bitten me in the butt!! I was checking up on the little Harper baby today, you can get the link from The Toth's blog, and I was sooooo glad to see that she is home and doing well. Well, I read on and see that she is saying something about this family needing prayers because their little daughter, who is only 10 months old and only 3 weeks ago was diagnosed with cancer. I saw that the little girls name was Cora and you could click on "Cora" and go to that families blog. I did so and boy, I am glad I did but I hate that I did at the same time. I was reading the blog and the little girl looked soooo happy and healthy and she was the cutest little thing!! Then, I start reading about how she kept getting ear infections, started getting black eyes for no reason, then all of the sudden, her tummy was bloated. They take her to the doctor, the doctor tells them they need to go to the hospital to do a ct scan because her liver was enlarged. The CT scan came back as a mass near her kidney and spots all over her liver. Well, a surgery later, 72 hours of chemo, and another surgery for fluid around her heart, she passes away!! Oh my, why did I have to read this? I am sitting at my desk, reading this blog, silently praying for the mother and father of this sweet little baby girl, choking back my tears (which was VERY hard to do)!!!! I had to excuse myself to the ladies room just to get my composer back!! I couldn't even imagine me losing Kylan. This family, everything was going good and then all of the sudden, their hearts are ripped from their bodies!! Their own flesh and blood, so happy one minute, then in so much pain and it was all out of their hands. OK, I am going to have to stop this. I was planning on working late but I am fixing to head home before it storms. I don't want to get stuck on the roads with it hailing and tornadoes all around me! Everyone be safe if you are on the roads during the storm and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for this mother and father to find the strength to get through this!


Taren said...

Well i was hoping that no one else read this like I did last night. I was completely depressed after reading about that precious little girl. I don't know how anyone would be able to deal with that.

Alyssa said...

I agree!! Have you seen the pins and the headbands that are being made in her honor? They are so cute.