Saturday, November 29, 2008

Thanksgiving Holidays....

Was great! We went to my mom and dad's the night before Thanksgiving and spent the night. My sister, mom, and I cooked while all the boys and Macie and Mia played Rockband! As you can see, Kylan was trying to play. Hey, you never know, maybe he's going to play the drums:
We all loved seeing family that we hardly get to see anymore and all the yummy food. Kylan was loving playing with his cousins, now that he can run around with them. Here, Mia and Kylan are looking out the window:

After the exhausting Thanksgiving, we came home and I slept and slept and slept. Scott got up with Kylan Friday morning and let me sleep in while he made breakfast. I got up, ate, then went back to bed until 12:00. Ohhhhhh, it was sooo nice. I had to force myself out of bed because I knew we had to put up the Christmas Decorations inside. Couldn't do the outside since it was raining all day. Here are a few pictures of Kylan helping:

Here, he is putting his first ornament on the tree!

Here, he's loving on a Santa that Scott had when he was little!

He loves to play in the beads!

We aren't done decorating. It usually takes me a while since I put up so much. I will put up some more pictures when I am done. Well, gotta go decorate my mantel while Kylan sleeps. He's been kinda miserable the last couple of days since he has some more molars coming through! Talk to everyone later! :-)


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