Thursday, December 4, 2008

Starting off the Christmas Season not so great!

Starting Monday, Kylan was still sick with his cold so he went to the doctor. He has a sinus infection. Then, on Tuesday, I was feeling like I had been run over with a truck so I went to the doctor, I have a sinus infection. Then, we got some pretty bad news about mid-morning Tuesday!! I haven't really wanted to talk about it but I guess I better do it to keep everyone up to date on the Maliska Fam! Scott had a meeting at his head office in Dallas and come to find out, they are shutting the doors. They had filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy a couple of months ago and they had to find an investor. Well, they had one and the investor backed out at the last minute. So what does that means for Scott and everyone else in the company? That means everyone is laid off! :-( I just don't know why they couldn't wait until after the holiday season. Thankfully, he is getting some severance pay. So, this week has pretty much sucked and we are just trying to get over the shock and trying to not show too much emotion in front of Kylan. He has been our shining light these past couple of days though. I had already planned on taking off so we could take Kylan to see Santa and not have to wait 8 hours like we did last year. So, we went ahead and did that. It was bitter sweet because Kylan loved sitting in Santa's lap and he looked so cute but unfortunately, Santa is in the mall so it wasn't too much fun. Christmas is going to be a little slim but we are trying to be positive in the situation. On another note, here are some recent pictures. Enjoy!
Here is our silver first initials for our tree:

Kylan helping Daddy put up decorations:

The penguin is the same size as him! LOL
Putting the lid on the box for Daddy!
So helpful!
Loving the Turtles

Watching them sunbathe

Fascinated with the trains:
Mommy and Kylan:

Kylan and Santa

All that action wore him out!
Couldn't quite reach:

He said "Dere" (there):

Meanwhile, I hope this holiday season gets better! I know it could be alot worse. I just keep telling myself that. I am just looking forward to the 12th so Scott and I can go on our getaway weekend that we need badly. We thought about canceling it but I think it would do us some good to get away from everyone and everything and leave all our worries at home.
Talk to yall later!


Anonymous said...

Sorry about you and Kylan being sick! That's not good this time of the year.

Good luck Scott! We hope something breaks for you soon.

It has been so cold here that we have done our best to stay in where we can be all cozy and warm. However, starting with this weekend there are a lot of holiday things that can be fun. The Christmas parade is tomorrow and Christmas in the park is this weekend too. The North East Texas Choral Society always has a fantastic Christmas show. We will go to that Sunday afternoon.

Hope you do get to get away.

The pictures are precious. Thanks for remembering us.

Nonnie and PawPaw

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