Monday, November 10, 2008

Kylan's Pumpkin Patch....

Well, I finally got around to doing Kylan's Pumpkin Patch!! I really wanted to paint Kylan's Pumpkin Patch on a wood pumpkin but I couldn't find a cutout of a pumpkin. It turned out cute so maybe I can go ahead and try to look for a wood pumpkin to do that for next year. Aunt Tay-Tay helped out along with me and Scott. Kylan was pretty good seeing as how he had a molar that just broke through and another one that's about to! Here are some pics from the weekend:

On Saturday, my mom, Kylan, and I went shopping and I got the cutest slippers for Christmas. Kylan loves them. I got a Santa pair and a reindeer pair, but I only got a picture of the Santa ones:
He's walking in this one

I love his chunky little thighs on this one

He decided to sit in my lap on this one

Until later, have a great night! :-)

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Taren said...

oh my! His legs look just like Camdyns!! He is such a cute little guy!