Friday, November 7, 2008

Trip to the tummy doctor....

Went well!! He asked us all kinds of questions about who in the family had certain diseases and when did he switch milks and formulas, etc. We told him he's been on basically everything and he told us exactly what we knew, just Kylan's pediatrician keeps testing!! He basically has a milk protein allergy where he can't even tolerate soy milk. He told us that he probably would have grown out of it but since we kept testing to see if he could tolerate regular formula and milk, that kept feeding his allergy. Soooo, what he has to drink for 2 weeks until his checkup is Rice Milk. Dr. Kendall told us that no one is allergic to Rice Milk so if his pooping improves in the next two weeks, he definitely has a milk protein allergy. If the rice milk works, then he will keep him on that until he is around 5 years old. He said that would be long enough for his little immunities to forget about that allergy and he should be able to tolerate dairy!! He can't even have one bite of anything with soy or milk which includes ice cream, yogurt, etc. Which means for us, we have to read every ingredient on everything he eats to make sure there is not milk protein or soy protein. He can have things with soy lecithin and soybean oil just no soy protein!! Soooo, whoever reads this, NO DAIRY OR SOY PRODUCTS AT ALL!!!!!! DOCTOR'S ORDERS!! It's going to be so hard trying to monitor every little thing he eats when he's not in our possession so we are going to need every bit of help we can get by cooperation! We would greatly appreciate it! :-)
We also had to get some blood work done to see what his blood count is and if he has an allergy to wheat (which I really hope he doesn't have!!) Oh, he did a quick little test in office and he doesn't have any blood in his stool anymore!! YAY! I will keep everyone updated on the blood tests.

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mommy4 said...

I'm glad you found out what was causing all his problems. Our entire family drinks rice milk it's DELICIOUS!! We don't have allergies but it's just better. Looking at what he eats really isn't so bad, it just sounds like it. You'll get used to it and just think of what a happy healthy little boy you'll have.