Thursday, October 27, 2011

Did you know?

Cleaning the bathroom has never been fun, but it does not have to be dangerous. Did you know that when bleach comes into contact with stains it only destroys the molecules' ability to reflect light? So it's not getting rid of the dirt - it only turns it white. I stopped using bleach a long time ago, and wouldn't turn back. Wouldn't you rather use a product that is powered by 20 lemons to safely clean? Every family should know about it. In fact, if every family in North America that uses Lime-A-Way would switch to Tub & Tile we would also save 325,544 pounds of plastic every year!

No more opening the windows and having the vents going while cleaning. I don't miss those days at all! ;o)

If you are interested in switching to healthier and safer products that are not toxic to your home and family, head on over to I would LOVE to help you transform your home into a healthier place to live. :o)

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