Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hmmmm, Those of you with kiddos and Baby in the tummy!

I have a business builder who forwarded this article to me and this just confirms what I have been trying to do! In all seriousness, please read!! It's so scary and it just makes me sick to my stomach knowing this....

Please, let me know if you are interested in using healthier and safer products! I can help you get in touch with some WONDERFUL products that I just LOVE! I just can't imagine EVER using Johnson & Johnson's ever again!


Monday, March 29, 2010

A little practice...

This past weekend was beautiful! I can't wait for this week, supposed to be in the 70's and 80's :-) Perfect weather for me! Anyway, this past weekend we went to some friend's of ours and they do an annual Easter Egg Hunt for the kiddos. Started out a little cool but it turned out to be a nice day :-) Kylan got TONS of eggs and got out a lot of energy.
He got so many eggs I had to go get a bag out of my car. Maybe I need to invest in a bigger basket for him!! :-)
He wanted to ride this bike so bad but his little legs just weren't long enough :-(
Some of the other kids made a creation in the sand box and I think it was itching Kylan that all these sticks were in there. He was trying to remove them!!
Back at home to relax. Guess he felt like he needed to be a reindeer!
We get to do another Easter Egg Hunt at his babysitters on Thursday. Should be a lot of fun. I do need to make sure and bring the camera. There is a girl named Kylee there and he is always talking about her. You see, they have this "Love/Hate" relationship!! They are always trying to compete and picking on each other, or at least Kylan picks on her, but he sure does talk about her a lot!

Here are some pics from Macie and Mia's family birthday party a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, Macie's skate party got cancelled. Everyone was on spring break so most of her friends were out of town. But we did lots of jumping and playing :-)
Kylan jumping with his 3 cousins
My sister and I playing with them. I wish I had all the energy they have!
This one is my absolute fave! :-)

Now this one, cracks me up! He was taking a nap and we went to check on him. Take note of the Toddler Bible that he reads before he goes to sleep! He sleeps with it too!! haha This is how he was sleeping:

And these 2 are just random and cute!
He has his puppy in his shirt so he doesn't fall off while he rides :-) He's so smart!

Kylan is just constantly making me laugh. This is one of the many conversations that we had last week:
Kylan: I so Hansome!
Me: What did you say?
Kylan: I so Hansome Momma!
Me: Ohhh, yes Kylan you are Very Handsome!
Kylan: I Love You Momma!
That's probably my favoritest yet! :-)

Well, off to the park to run! Have a great Monday!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Silliness with Granna's Camera!

We had Granna's camera for a couple days so I could upload the pics from Grandma's funeral so I decided to take some pics of Kylan being silly! I LOVE her camera because it's so nice so I like to play with it when I have it ;-)
Just a little randomness for this Monday! :-)


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mrs. Emeleen Maliska

Mrs. Emeleen Maliska (Grandma) went to be in the loving and comforting arms of God on Monday evening, March 15th. She lost her battle with Cancer and she will be GREATLY missed. I know she will still be watching all the grandkids and the great grandkids running and playing with all the balls. She did state on Sunday that she loved to watch all the kids play. :-) I loved you like you were my own grandmother and I am soooo blessed to have known you and for Kylan to have known you. He will never forget his Grandma!
We Love and Miss you Grandma and you are now in Beautiful Heaven!
The one below is obviously from the 80's! Grandma and Grandpa with all 5 kids! ;-) (haha)

Rest In Peace Grandma
June 6, 1938 ~ March 15, 2010

The funeral is this Friday at 10 am and I know it is going to be just beautiful!
Nighty Night

Monday, March 8, 2010

It's a duck, It's a boat, No.... It's a Car!!!!

While coming to Rockwall this past weekend to one of my little niece's birthday party at ASI, I was sitting in the HORRIBLE traffic for an hour and I spotted something on the horizon! I sooooo desperately wanted to get closer to see what it was because I was stuck on the bridge but was not close enough to tell what it was. Finally, right when I was about to exit, I see this...
That's right, no need to wipe your eyes, it's a car that was made into a boat! It was so cute :-) I had to double take, then scramble to get my camera!! Kylan was asleep so he didn't get to see it. Thank goodness, he might think that all cars can go in the water!! :-S

Anyway, after sitting in traffic for an hour, there wasn't much time left to be at Mia's party so I captured a few images with him and his 2 girl cousins! I was really kind of scared that he would be upset if max (his boy cousin) wasn't there because he had been saying all morning, "I need to go get ready to see Max and Ruby!" Those of yall that are parents probably know that Max and Ruby is a cartoon. I guess all he could remember of his cousin's names where Max and not Macie and Mia!! We definitely need to work that out Reagan so he will always remember his cousin's names. (i.e. see more of each other, Rockwall isn't far at all!) :-) Here are some shots from that party:
Walking with his 2 cousins ~ Mia (black skirt, Birthday girl) and Macie!
Freeze Dance: (They LOVED this)
Although we didn't get to play much at ASI, we went back to my sister's house and the kids got to play then!! Of course, Kylan had a breakdown when it was time to leave so we have decided that he can spend the night there when they have Macie's Roller Skate party this weekend! More pics to come on that one :-)

Hope everyone is having a good Rainy Monday!! Tomorrow is supposed to be BEAUTIFUL!! Time to start getting the garden ready for planting :-)