Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Busy little Bee

I am sooooo sorry that I haven't posted in a while. I usually try to post on Monday or Tuesday but this week has been crazy with work and me not feeling well. I have had a bladder infection all week and today I am starting to feel better. I've been drowning myself in water and grape-cranberry juice so that's helped alot, although I think the antibiotic has me feeling yucky and tired. I was hoping I wouldn't ever get one of these again since it's been years since I've had one but I guess it's inevitable with the lovely bladder and kidney problems that run on my side of the family. :-( Anyway, last weekend was great. Saturday, Scott and I went by ourselves to Waxahachie to do a little shopping for necessities. It was just a day that we could go as slow as we wanted without having to rush out because of Lil Man being cranky or bad!! LOL We wound up going to Target to look for a little potty for Kylan. I read on my babycenter emails that it's good to just get a potty and let him get accustomed to it so when he's ready he can use it. He loves the little potty. He hasn't used it yet but everyday before he gets in the bath, we sit him on there and ask him if he needs to go teetee or poopoo. It's the potty that has sensors so when he goes, it cheers him on and tells him to flush it. We haven't heard it yet though!! LOL We then went to Lowes to get something that Scott needed and found a little gardeners set that is made specially for little kids. We have a problem with him going over to my crate that holds all of my gardening tools and getting my shovel and rake thingy. So now he has his own to play with. I somehow found the clearance cart where I found Kylan this brown and mint green rug that is so fluffy. Got it for 14.99!! I was so excited because it's so soft and cute. It's now in his bedroom. Then we were walking by the rug section and I saw THE rug!!! I had to have it and it really wasn't that expensive. It's black and cream so it matches the bedroom perfectly!!! Here are a few pics and a video of Kylan while we were trying to move the heavy bed on it!
Well, no pics!! They didn't load off my little camera and they are already deleted! :-( Anyway, I lovvveeeeee my rug!!

Sunday, it was such a pretty day so we decided to go to the park in Waxahachie next to the hospital where I had Kylan. I've heard about this park because Scott did alot of walking while I was in labor but have never been there. It's such a nice park! It has a huge playground and lots of room to run and play. We are thinking about having Kylan's 2nd birthday party there in September. Here are some pics from the 3 of us and Granna, Pappy, and TayTay.
Fixing us a little lunch!
Loves to slide

Oh no, this one looks toooo fast:

Didn't like this one too much:

Let's try this one TayTay

Thanks for being my cushion TayTay: (Don't kill me for putting this on her Taylor!! At least I didn't put it on myspace or facebook! Yet ha!) lol and yes, that did hurt, goes right along with all the other injuries she got from softball practice that morning!!

Me trying to get him to do the monkey bars, key word trying:
Kylan and I posing:

Kylan and I fixing to slide:
I love this picture for some reason, guess because it caught the moment:
Not long after we got in the car, he was out! Slept all the way home. Went inside and he was full force again! Daddy walked into his playroom and busted him standing on the chair that PawPaw made a long time ago in which he knows he's not supposed to be standing on. Classic look of "You aren't seeing me do this" on his face!! LOL
Well, it's supposed to be another pretty day on Saturday and I am thinking about taking Kylan to Northpark to get his bunny pictures done. We are supposed to be getting his Little Tike playground tomorrow so maybe we can get it put together so he can play on it Saturday. It shouldn't take long to put together since is just a small one. Once he gets bigger we'll get him a big one. Next week we have to get ready for Easter weekend! Hopefully it will be warm and pretty outside so he can wear his shorts that we got for him to wear for Easter. He's going to get to play with his 2nd cousin Camdyn so we will see how that goes! Hopefully he's sweet to her! Everyone have a great weekend.

Oh, by the way, 12 more days till tax season is over!! Woooo Hoooo


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Leggings aren't just for girls, are they?

I bought Kylan some leggings that he could wear around the house so his legs won't get cold.  He likes to run around in a t-shirt and diaper but his legs would be like little icebergs, so I bought these cute striped leggings for boys.  Excuse me, I need to go see why Kylan is tattling on Daddy!!  OK, he was tattling on Daddy for getting after him for messing with the other computer.  LOL  Scott was telling my what Kylan did and Kylan comes along in the background yelling like he's telling me what happened too!!  Is this starting already????  I had to yell above both of them and tell them I can't understand them when both of them are talking!!  It's toooooo early to be starting this! LOL  Anyway, about the leggings, I think they are cute.  He likes them because they keep him warm and he can run around being comfortable.  Here are some pictures.  I don't think they are girly if they are boy colors!!

I even matched his shirt to them!! 

Here are some cute little videos that we got when Kylan was following me around holding on to his blanket.  Her did everything I did and then we switched it around.  You will also get some of his "NO" action!!

Here's the second part:


Well, hopefully everyone is having a good week! 


Am I the only one that's spoiled by DVR? I don't know why I was thinking about this but earlier this morning on my way to work, I didn't hear a specific thing so I went to rewind!!! hehehehehe No can do on the radio, only on the TV. I laugh at myself sometimes!!hehehehe It's not the first time that's happened. I find myself doing it all the time. HA
I hope to post some pics later when I get home of lil man and his leggings!! (Just a little teaser)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Beautiful Weather, NO, Craziness, and Run & Stop

Well, thank goodness it's the end to a VERY long and horrible week!  I was thinking it was starting off good because I won a free photo session but it just got worse throughout the week!  Not only that, the week just took FOREVER!!  When it was Tuesday, I thought it was Wednesday.  When it was Wednesday, I thought it was Thursday, and so on.  Everyone at work is finally feeling the stress of tax season so everyone is on each other nerves and a couple of people finally stabbed me in the back the last time this week.  There has always been drama up there but this time, they took it too far and I am done with being friends with these two people.  I was planning on cleaning when one of these girls stopped working there and I told one of the bosses I was interested in doing this since it's extra money that we need.  So long story short, the girl that's leaving got her feelings hurt because one of the bosses told her to cut down on her personal business because it's getting busy and she's needed at the front.  This boss was really nice about how he put it so I don't know where she got it wrong.  I told her I was interested in taking the cleaning over because I could really use the extra money due to Kylan's daycare and having to pay for our own medical insurance a while back (about a month ago.)  She went and told her friend after she got her feelings hurt and her friend went to the head honcho that she would like for her 13 year old son to clean when her friend leaves.  He said OK because he had no idea that I told the other boss.  My big thing is is that the girl leaving should have told her friend that I already said I wanted to clean but she didn't.  I guess it's just a personal issue because that was one thing I could do to help out around this house since Scott basically has 2 jobs.  Anyway, I just think why does a 13 year old need $400 a month?  I guess they think he needs it more!!  Oh well, I need to get over it!

Well, this weekend was good and I LOVE the weather!!  We did a lot outside.  Saturday, after I got home from work, Kylan and I went to gather up trash cans with daddy from the houses his dad's building.  They are on a little lake so we walked around the houses, went to the little lake and sat on the dock while daddy worked.  Didn't sit on the dock for long since Kylan though he needed to walk around, which I would let because he would go straight of the dock!! Scares me to even think about it.  He climbed dirt piles, sang in the houses because it echoed, and was just in a silly mood because he was hanging with daddy and momma.  We came home and planted the azalea bushes while Kylan ran around in the back yard playing with Bandit.  It was just a fun and relaxing family day.  That evening, after we all took a showers and went to eat, Scott and Kylan were playing a game:Stop & Run!!  He would run then stop on a dime when daddy told him to.  It was so cute because his little short legs were going 90 miles an hour.  Here's a little video that I managed to catch:

Sunday, Scott had plans to go with Robert to a cafe/bar because there was a country radio station there and they had bands so Kylan and I went to my mom's to have lunch with them and my 2 nieces and nephew, since she kept them for the weekend.  Kylan had a blast playing with his cousins while we had a yummy steak, baked potato, and salad lunch!  I'm still stuffed!  We came home and I had to water the plants and the garden so Kylan just ran around.  All of the sudden, I didn't see him so I started calling his name.  I faintly heard his voice so I traced it to this:
He found a new house!!  Thankfully Scott cleaned it out on Saturday!!  

Are we the only one's that are going crazy with the word "NO"?  Kylan is wearing that word out.  Me and that word are about to go round and round!  He says NO to anything and everything.  He's been saying this for almost a month and we were hoping he would get over it pretty fast but not so much.  We will be driving and no one will even be talking to him and he will yell "NO"!  For no reason.  Uggggghhhhh, will this phase ever end?  I am hoping he finds another word that he will latch on to soon.  His vocabulary is great I think for his age.  He's 18 months today and he says so much.  Although some of it you can't understand but most you can.  He counts to 2 by saying one, two, go!  He says banana (or nana), i get it, mere (come here), kitty, bair pane, kitty, and all kinds of other words.  I am thinking it's because he's around older kids at Mrs. Jessie's so he's learning all kinds of stuff.  He's got one molar on each side (upper and lower), all his "eye" teeth, and all the front teeth in.  He's still our little short stack though.  He was weighing 24 lbs but after that 4 day stomach bug, he's back down to 21 lbs.  I will update more after I take him in for his 18 month checkup, which I need to schedule next week.  Hopefully no shots though.

We have finally got our Mac up and it's now sitting in our bedroom.  We are converting the office into a play room because Kylan has wayyyyyyyy too many toys that just don't fit in his room.  I definitely love this new computer.  It's got a program called Iphoto that I can do all kinds of things to the photos.  It has face recognition where when you load the photos, it will categorize them by the face.  I can also print cards if I choose too!  It's pretty cool.  Anyway, I just put Kylan to bed and now I am going to sit on the couch and watch a little Lifetime since Scott isn't home yet!!  Love me some Lifetime!! LOL  Hope we all have a good week and enjoy the weather while we have it. :-)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Luck O' The Irish

You know, I was thinking at how much Kylan is growing up! Makes me sad! :-( Not ready for it at all. The other night after Scott gave him a bath, he took him in his room to lotion him up and get him ready for bed when Kylan says "PooPoo!" Scott starts scrambling to put a diaper on him and I tell him to go put him on the potty and see what he does. Well, he runs to put him on the potty and of course I run in there to see and what do I see, in my mind I see my baby who just a year ago was still drinking out of bottles, sitting on the potty. Made me sooooo sad! :-( I was so proud but so sad. He was sitting on their pushing. I could tell he was really trying and then all of the sudden, I hear a toot! He never actually went but it's like he knew he was supposed to do. So we are going to try and put him on the potty every now and then to show him that's what he's supposed to do. I know it's still a little early for him but it's like that's what he wanted to do.

Anyway, I was going thru some pictures, feeling soooo sad because my baby boy is growing up too fast, telling me "NO" to everything, so I feel like I should share some pics. He looks soooo much like his daddy:
This is Scott when he was little

and now here's Daddy's little spitting image of him:
(I love how excited Scott looks and how amazed Kylan is of him)

(Have to say the one below is my all time favorite)

If you notice, he puckers out his bottom lip like his Daddy!

Wish he would sleep like this now!
He used to get so excited with his mobile:

So peaceful!

He was waiting to see Santa at Northpark 07':

Look at the blue eyes!

I could go on all day with this so I better stop.
Last weekend was good and not so good. Not so good by me being sick with Kylan's cold. I was miserable. Couldn't breathe through my nose and I was just sooooo tired. Much better now though! :-) It was good because Saturday, I finally got me a small camera that I can fit in my purse so I don't have to remember to take the big camera around everywhere. Also got the small camera to take on vacation in June! Sunday, we went to Granny's for spaghetti and meatballs since Scott's cousin, Annie, was down from college so we lounged around Sunday. It was a pretty uneventful weekend like always. Although, my weekends are fixing to get busier since we are a little less than a month away from tax deadline.
This week started off kinda rough, it was a MADHOUSE around the office yesterday. Everyone was biting each other's heads off, the phone kept ringing off the wall, and people kept coming in. I know I know, that's what happens in tax season but I can still complain! Ha We've all been seeing too much of each other and we all can't wait until April 15th! Then I come home, hoping to see my sons smiling face, not so much! I get to the back door to open it, I already hear Kylan screaming about something. I walk in, he's screaming "nana." He sees me and then starts saying "momma, my my nana." I ask Scott why he couldn't have one and it's because he hadn't eaten dinner. He's gotten so used to eating whatever he wanted because he was getting over his stomach bug 2 weeks ago and then a cold last week. We found out he like hot dog weenies so we fixed up some turkey dogs and he ate a whole one, then I gave him his nana! I am thinking he had a tummy ache though because he kept falling asleep at bedtime and then wake up crying. Now today, started off pretty good! I woke up at 5:15 to do the Firm Wave! I saw this on an infomercial and it looked really cool. So I didn't some research online and didn't read one bad thing about it. So I ordered and I am finally able to try it. Ha!!! I couldn't even last 30 minutes! It's supposed to work your hips, buns, and thighs. Most of the stuff they do also concentrates on your core abs and a little bit of arms, back, and shoulders. So it pretty much works your whole body. I am feeling it in my legs so I am sooooo excited. I LOVE being sore! It means that something actually happened. That's the area that really needs to be worked so I look forward to tomorrow! Then, I get to work and start reading my emails. I get an email that said that their was a status about Chunky Monkey Photography saying that a winner has been chosen for a free photo session. Heather (owner of Chunky Monkey) did our photos for Kylan's 1st and our family photos. Well, I was already a follower on her blog so she said whoever becomes a follower for her blog will be entered in the drawing. Well, I won!!!!! I never win things like this so yay for me!! So I am excited about our free session that I am going to try and get in after tax season but before it gets too hot. Not doing it like last year in August where it was, I swear, had to be 100 with 100% humidity! We couldn't stop sweating worth anything! It was awful! Anyway, so today has been a pretty good day! Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Peace of Mind!

I now have peace of mind that Rosco will be going to a good place. The lady at the vet said she can't take him right now so what they do is if someone really needs to get rid of an animal, the vet takes them in and spoils them rotten. They put them in a cage with an area where they can run and play, feed them, and a man takes them on walks. There is only one other dog that's there so he will be getting lots of attention. The lady said that if Rosco starts to get cage crazy then they will find a good home for him. Which also makes me think this is a good idea is because she said that if another dog needs blood, Rosco will be a blood donor so he will also be saving other animals too! :-) I pet him this morning because I figured it would be the last time I saw him so I said my goodbyes. Feeling a little sad because this isn't the first time an animal was taken away but I know it's for the best and I know Bandit will be much happier that he has his master back all to himself. Maybe we will give him a bath tonight and let him stay in for a little while. Have a good weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rosco, you gotta go!

We are kinda going through a bitter sweet situation right now. Our horse (dog) is going to have to go. We got him fixed maybe about 3 weeks ago and he has become this mean, overpowering, vicious dog! He used to growl at Bandit every now and then when it came to food but this morning, he took it to the max! It's gotten to be every morning where he would do this. Bandit, who should be the alpha male since he was here first, got to where he was cowering down, not coming around Scott (which is his dog), not lying on the porch or in his dog house, etc. Prime example, last night it was cold and raining, where was Bandit sleeping? Not in the dog house with hay to keep him warm, but out in the rain because Rosco was on the porch. Before Rosco, he would LOVE to lay in the dog house with hay because it kept him really warm. Poor Bandit! Well anyway, this morning after I left for work, Scott said that he went to feed the dogs and Rosco growled at Bandit. I guess he looked back out before he went to take Kylan to Jessies and saw that they were fighting. Well, Bandit was on his back and Rosco had him pinned and was attacking him. Scott ran out there and started hitting Rosco with a stick and he tried to bite Scott. Rosco would go away and then go right for Bandit again. Rosco wasn't biting Bandit on the leg or the body, he was biting him on the neck. Scott said this happened about 5 times. He said that Rosco had the meanest look in his eyes and like he was out to kill Bandit. Meanwhile, Kylan is watching all this and screaming and crying. Scott took Bandit to his mom's house and we are going to call the vet today to see if one of the ladies up there wants to take him. When Scott went to pick him up, this lady said if we ever want to get rid of him, she would take him. So we are going to call her and if she doesn't want him, he's going to SPCA off of industrial. I am kinda sad because he was "my" dog and I never had a problem with him but we don't want to come home and find Bandit dead. Or worse yet, Kylan being outside and him attacking Kylan! Bandit was a gift to Scott from me for our wedding. I don't know what has gotten into him! Yes I understand we took his manhood away but Bandit is also neutered and we NEVER had that kind of a problem with him. Anyway, kinda in a down mood today. Maybe it's a sign. Maybe we don't need 2 dogs right now. Scott said that later on, if Kylan and I want another dog, we can get one. Maybe we will get another Australian Shepherd that's a female, not a male!! After all, Australian Shepherds are pretty and sweet dogs, little hyper, but overall good dogs!
This one is Bandit (Australian Shepherd):
And this one is Rosco, the one that's got to go:
Well, hopefully the day gets better. Talk to everyone soon!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So ready for a vaca!

Boy am I ever ready to go on our vacation!!!!
This is the water that I have sooooooooo been missing since I have had Kylan. We are used to going on vacation out of the country at least once a year and since Kylan arrived, we've been unable to do so. Don't get me wrong, we did go to Palm Beach last year and we had a blast, but there is nothing like going on vacation, paying when you book it, and all you have to do is take money for souvenirs when you go!! God love the all-inclusive concept!! Wouldn't have it any other way. This year, we are going to Grand Riviera Princess in Riviera Maya, Mexico!! Scott and I went several years ago and loved it, only it seemed like there was a little small hurricane that hit while we were there!! Palm trees were blowing sideways and the ocean was too rough to get in the whole time. Oh well! I am still a little uncomfortable about taking Kylan out of country, especially Mexico, since the water is not drinkable. I guess we will have to do sponge baths on him because he isn't going the whole week without bathing and also the fact that he drinks a gallon of bath water when he takes one at home. Still trying to figure it out. I just can't help but smile at the fact that Kylan is going to be so AMAZED with the "bairpanes" and how big they are! I am counting down to June 22nd!!!! Here is the hotel that we are staying at:
This is the pool (or some of). It connects to alot of the rooms but we aren't able to stay in that particular room because of Kylan. The child has to be 13 or older! :-( I just thought that was so cool to be able to get to the pool from the room!

I LOVE the way the rooms are! So up to date!

View of the lobby!

The main walk through the hotel. It's really spread out so there will be LOTS of walking! Good thing, I will need it to walk off all of the food we eat on vacation!

I can just picture it in my head, lying in the pool, sipping on my fruity alcoholic beverage and getting a little tan (or burn)! ::sigh::

Now I just have to buy one of those stroller things that I can put Kylan's car seat on and roll it around the airport. I am not about to carry that heavy thing!! I love his carseat because it so safe, it's a Britax, but man, that thing is HEAVY!!! I've thought about him sitting in my lap on the plane but then I came to reality and that would never happen! He couldn't sit still for a couple of hours in my lap. He would be terrorizing the whole plane!! LOL
Well, to my past weekend, it was a pretty good weekend. I didn't work at all! Saturday night, Kylan went to Grana and Pappy's and spent the night so we could go watch the UFC fight with some friends of ours and we wound up staying awake until 2:00, which really was 3:oo due to time change. We had to get Kylan by 8:30 so they could take Taylor to softball practice in Irving I think. I was sooooo sleepy, I have to have my full 8 hours of sleep/more or I am no good. We met my sister, brother-in-law, and nieces and nephew at Chueys off of Knox so we could have a little lunch and give my nieces their b-day presents. It was so nice outside so we sat on the patio. We then proceeded to the store where we spent a little bit of money!! Uggghhhh We need a new computer at home really bad so we were looking into getting a Mac. Well, whataya know, there's a Mac store across the street! Long story short, we got a Mac (27 in. screen) computer and new printer/scanner. Really nice!! It's going to take me FOREVER to get used to using it. Well, now, since Scott his baby, I want just a small camera for us to take on vacation so we don't have to buy so many disposables. I refuse to take the good camera! That stays around home. Anyway, I best be going! Time to go home and play with lil man and eat some meatloaf with mashed potatoes!! MMMMMMMM I've been wanting that for a couple of days! Have a good week everyone! :-)

Oh, countdown to the end of tax-season is 34 days!! Wooooo Hooooo

Monday, March 2, 2009

Glad to be at work!

Whew, what a weekend!! It was mentally and physically exhausting. According to the last post, I was sooooooo excited about going to both my little niece's' birthday party on Saturday. I was really looking forward to going and seeing my sister, along with all my other family since I don't get to really see them that much. Well, that did not happen. The party still happened, we just didn't go. Wednesday night, which was Scott's night to get up if Kylan woke up, so I took some unisom to help me sleep since I didn't have to get up. Anyway, Thursday morning, Scott said that he didn't get any sleep because Kylan was up about 5 times! He said it sounded like he was coughing or gagging. Then and there, I knew he has that stomach bug that the babysitter's daughter came down with a week and a half ago. I had been waiting on it. Well, he was getting sick when he was making all of that noise. I am at work on Thursday and Sheri told me that the babysitter was on the phone. I was thinking "Great!" ::sigh:: So Jessie, the babysitter, tells me that he's throwing up everywhere. Jane goes and picks him up since Scott started a new job just the day before and it's the prime of tax season at my office, so neither one of us could take off. Long story short, it wasn't a 24 hour bug, it was one that lasted all the way up until yesterday, or at least that was the last time he was sick. Saturday, he laid on me all day and slept, while I tried to get liquids in his system so he doesn't get too dehydrated. Which we all know, is very hard to get a toddler or baby to drink and eat when they don't want to. All he kept saying is "I want my mommy!" Which kind of made me feel good since he wanted only me. Here are a couple of pictures from Saturday while he was sleeping and lounging around that I took with my Blackberry Storm. Love that thing! Poor baby looked so pitiful.
He was lying here just soooo still.

Then he just leaned over and put his head on my lap, then he was out!

I felt so bad for him. I know how it feels to be dehydrated. It's the worst headache ever and you just feel like you've been hit by a truck.
Sunday (yesterday) we went to IHOP because hadn't been sick for almost 24 hours, we fed him a little cream of wheat and some banana, since banana was the only thing he kept down. We go home, he takes a nap, wakes up after sleeping on daddy for a while, then there he goes again!
Here he is sitting with daddy watching TV.
I just think he may have eaten a little too much at breakfast. He was fine after that. He didn't want to eat or drink out of his sippy cup, so he had another banana later and drank some water out of a regular cup. He slept pretty good last night so I am praying that he is over this stomach bug and we can go back to our normal life!!!!! He's at Jane's today so he can get the TLC he is needing and maybe, just maybe, he will be OK enough to go back to Jessie's tomorrow. Anyway, that was my LOVELY weekend and hopefully the week goes by alot better than the end of last week.
Next hurdle: Getting him to stop saying "NO" to everything and everyone!! Haha

Have a good week! :-)