Monday, February 23, 2009

Pretty good weekend...

I would have to say!!! Let's see, I worked a little on Saturday morning so that was pretty un-eventful and Saturday was a day with Scott and Kylan. Sunday started off pretty good by us waking up and realizing that Kylan slept through the whole night! It's been a while since he's done that with him being sick and all. Scott and I got up, got ready and went into Kylan's room to see if he was up. We go in there and he always runs around his bed so we can't catch him. Well, this time, I decided to throw him off! Take a look:
At first, he was pushing on me to get out of his bed and stop using his nite-nites!

Then he realized, hey this is pretty nice having momma in my bed! :-)

Then he decided to love on me!

My sweet little baby! I love him to death! :-)

He was wondering why I was in his bed!! LOL
Anyway, after we got him ready, we did our Sunday ritual of going to IHOP!! MMMMMM, blueberry pancakes! We went back home so Kylan could get in a little nap (and because he was acting like a little toot!) He took a 10 minute nap then we decided to go shopping because we needed to get Macie and Mia a birthday present for their parties this weekend. Well, what do we do, we go and get an upgrade for my phone!! WoooHooo, it was due for an upgrade. I got the new Blackberry Storm. It's so nice with my little pink cover for it! hahaha
Scott got some clothes from Old Navy, while I got a pair of shorts a size too small since I am in the process of losing weight and they ARE going to fit this summer!! :-)
It was a nice little day and I can't wait until Saturday when I can see my sister and her family! It's been a while. Oh, and by the way, I can't wait for this nice weather to be here for a couple of days!
Everyone have a nice week!

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Here are a few pictures that I have finally uploaded. Now that I look at them, don't really have that many! Hmmm looks like I am falling back on my duties! :-(

This is right before we left to go on our Valentine's date:
This one is of Kylan sitting in his chair drinking his bottle (which by the way we just broke him of)
Anyway, hopefully I will try and get some more pictures this weekend, that is if Kylan starts acting better! I swear he is starting his "terrible two's!" Think after he goes to bed, I am getting a glass of wine! :-)

Friday, February 20, 2009

What would my life be like if there was no craziness!?!?!

It seems like my life is a little crazy right now! But I wouldn't change it for anything. I have been working 50+ hours a week, help taking care of Kylan since he has an upper respiratory infection, me getting a little cold (or it may just be allergies since the weather is getting cold and hot), dodging all the sick people at work, trying to figure out what I want to put in my little garden Scott and I are doing, Rosco got neutered and his dew claws out (since they were like razors), and just everyday obstacles. I am just thankful that I have a loving family and a job to come to everyday! :-) I've been missing my "lil man" since I have been working so much so I spent last weekend as much as I could with him. It was Valentine's Day last Saturday so Jane watched him so we could go out on our little Valentine's Date and spend some of the day together. We decided to go to Waxahachie so I could find something to wear that evening and to Lowes because Scott had to get something there. I am so proud of my dress I got at J.C. Penney. They were having a really good sale so I found this floor length halter dress that was originally $80 and I got it on sale for $39.99. It's something cute to just wear out and when we go on vacation to the beach in June. It's also my "taco shell" dress! LOL Scott and I made a bet at the store on what kind of taco shells we had in the pantry and of course, I was right! So I got an outfit out of it. Maybe I should bet him a little more!!!! ;-) Anyway, we went to a place called Silverfox. It's off of Oak Lawn and it was OK! The atmosphere was very relaxed (except for the couple that brought their fussy infant in). We got the Valentine's Dinner where we each got a choice of seafood bisque or a salad. I got the bisque, which was very good and could have been a meal in itself, and Scott got the salad. Then we each got a 6 oz. filet and we had to share a lobster tail (which was very yummy, wish we had one for myself) and a desert. We wanted to go someplace different instead of our usual steak place, which is Chamberlain's Steak and Chop House, so I just think we are spoiled by that. If you ever want to go get a awesome steak, go to Chamberlain's. They also have a Chamberlain's Fish Market where they serve mostly fish and they are awesome too!! I was a pretty good evening and we needed our little date night. We hadn't had one in a while!

Anyway, this weekend looks like it's going to be pretty un-eventful since I am going to work some this weekend. Right now, it's pretty much the same routine. Although, I am pretty excited about going to my two little nieces b-day party next weekend in Rockwall. One's birthday is on the 28th and the other one's birthday is on March 4th so it's just easier to combine. Don't get to see much of my sister, brother-in-law, nephew, and nieces.

I will post pics of Kylan as soon as I can get them loaded. Wednesday, I took off to take him to the doctor since Scott had a list of things to do so it was a day with my "little man". As we all know, it was a gorgeus day out so I put him in some shorts. Remember, last time he wore shorts, he wasn't even walking and he had the chubbiest little legs. I looked at him when he was walking around the doctors office and he looked like a little boy! His legs looked so long and skinney (compared to what they used to be.) It's so bitter-sweet because I am not ready for him to grow up but he's so fun at this age too. He's talking up a storm since he had his tubes put in. Now that he's talking, we have to work on the manners!! LOL I was sitting in the floor playing with him before he went to bed and he was trying to get around me so he said "MOVE"! I was thinking "What, did he just tell me to move?" He's saying, I get it, bairpane (airplane), gook (book), night night (that his blankie), luba you, and many more things!!

Anyway, hope everyone has a safe and good weekend!


Thursday, February 12, 2009


I know some (Scott) would rag on me about this but I really like this song!

Music Videos by VideoCure

It's just a peaceful message! :-)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Cora Pin

WARNING:::: MASCARA ALERT!!!! Don't read if you don't want to cry!

You know, this little girl has touched my heart in ways that I can't even describe I have never met this family. Maybe it's just the mother coming out in me. Anyway, I feel like I need to do this just because my heart really does go out to this family! There is this lady, I don't know if she knows the family, but she is making the cutest pin (for jackets, shirt's, etc). I got one for my sister, Mom, and Scott's mom. They don't know this yet but now they do if they are reading this. :-) I don't know if they will like them but I think they are super cute and it is symbolizing a great cause, a playground in the memory of that sweet little angel, Cora. Here is the link to the Etsy website for the lady that makes them, This is actually her blog/website but you can click on the picture of the pin/headband for Cora and it will take you there to buy one if you like!
This is a picture of that sweet angel! Uggghhhh, here I go again! Compose myself, Compose myself!!

I guess I should have put the mascara alert on the post from yesterday! Sorry if I caught anyone off guard! :-( Don't be mad at me!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Darn My Curiosity

Yet again, my curiosity has bitten me in the butt!! I was checking up on the little Harper baby today, you can get the link from The Toth's blog, and I was sooooo glad to see that she is home and doing well. Well, I read on and see that she is saying something about this family needing prayers because their little daughter, who is only 10 months old and only 3 weeks ago was diagnosed with cancer. I saw that the little girls name was Cora and you could click on "Cora" and go to that families blog. I did so and boy, I am glad I did but I hate that I did at the same time. I was reading the blog and the little girl looked soooo happy and healthy and she was the cutest little thing!! Then, I start reading about how she kept getting ear infections, started getting black eyes for no reason, then all of the sudden, her tummy was bloated. They take her to the doctor, the doctor tells them they need to go to the hospital to do a ct scan because her liver was enlarged. The CT scan came back as a mass near her kidney and spots all over her liver. Well, a surgery later, 72 hours of chemo, and another surgery for fluid around her heart, she passes away!! Oh my, why did I have to read this? I am sitting at my desk, reading this blog, silently praying for the mother and father of this sweet little baby girl, choking back my tears (which was VERY hard to do)!!!! I had to excuse myself to the ladies room just to get my composer back!! I couldn't even imagine me losing Kylan. This family, everything was going good and then all of the sudden, their hearts are ripped from their bodies!! Their own flesh and blood, so happy one minute, then in so much pain and it was all out of their hands. OK, I am going to have to stop this. I was planning on working late but I am fixing to head home before it storms. I don't want to get stuck on the roads with it hailing and tornadoes all around me! Everyone be safe if you are on the roads during the storm and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray for this mother and father to find the strength to get through this!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Oh, an Update

Kylan went to his post-op appt. last week and everything is good with his tubes. Dr. Skiles said he hearing is 50% better and he is in the 1st percentile with his hearing. He said if a pin was to drop, Kylan could hear it. I am glad we decided to go ahead and get the tubes done because he is in a much better mood and the ear infections didn't compromise any of his hearing!!! Scott weighed him last week and he now weighs 24 1/2 lbs now. He stayed at 22 lbs for the longest time. I started to get worried. Anyway, he had a growing spurt and now we look at him and it seems like he has gotten so much bigger. His feet look bigger and he is definitely taller. He now has a total of 13 teeth. One of his "eye" teeth broke through. I am surprised he handled it so well. I was expecting it to be bad because everyone told me that those are the worst teeth to come through!! Oh well, I am thankful!

We didn't blow away

We didn't blow away in the wind. Well, it was a pretty busy week. Tax season has started and I am required to work at least 50 hours a week. I almost made it last week, but I missed the 50 hours by maybe and hour or two. Oh well, next week will be better.
I got a few pics of Kylan on Friday morning. He's always so happy when he wakes up and he came walking in with his hair looking like this:
His hair was alllllllll over the place and he thought it was so funny!!
Saturday, we got up, went to eat a little breakfast, did a run out to Valley Farm (a place where Scott's dad has a couple of houses going), then came home and Kylan took a nap. After he woke up, we went to Duncanville to meet Scott's parents for lunch because Taylor just finished a basketball tournament. We came home, put together his Anywhere Chair from Pottery Barn (which he loved) and he played and FINALLY figured out how to pull things behind him. He used to always just hold the toy in the air. I caught a few pictures and it was so cute. He would go in the kitchen and got thru to the other side. He just kept going in circles over and over and over pulling his little helicopter. Here's a few pics from Saturday:
I got this pic of his eyes! He definitely has my eyes :-)

Here he is planting a HUGE kiss on me!! Those are the best kind :-)

Saturday night, Daddy went to Robert's house since I had been working late all week and he had been taking care of Kylan. He needed a break so Kylan and I had a night to ourselves. We played with his little kitchen until it was time to take his bath and go to bed.

Sunday was really a good family day!! We got up and did our IHOP ritual. Kylan, once again, made some new friends. We had to do some grocery shopping so I wanted to also get some flower seeds so I could plant them before it rains. It was such a nice day and we didn't want to stay in the house so we spent a majority of the day outside working on the flower beds. It was fun, Kylan helped and rode around on his little four wheeler.

Here, he's got his little frog hat that I bought before he was born. It's still a little big:

Kylan's walking Bandit here! Of course Daddy was standing right there because Bandit would drag him off if he was to run after something.

Bandit and Rosco (the horse LOL)

Rosco and I watching Daddy and Kylan. Rosco is "my dog" and he was attached to my hip the whole time.

Kylan giving Rosco a hug. He's such a calm and laid back dog!

Kylan helping Mommy

I wish we could have gotten this on video! He was telling me all about it. It's like he was excited about something and he was telling me. It was so adorable. You can see the sheer excitement on his face, well the side of his face. He's got the biggest smile. I love him more than anything!!!

He was sitting on this rock, under the little tree!

It was a pretty good weekend. I'm glad I decided to not work this weekend since it's probably going to be a while until I get a full weekend with my men. Now, I am just waiting for these storms to come in so I can get some good sleep. I hope everyone had a good weekend also!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Teeth are for chewing food!

Yes, you heard that right, Teeth are for chewing food, not biting people!! I am having an issue with a little boy that goes to Mrs. Jessie's!!! Kylan came home Friday with another bite mark on him. This one on the back of his arm. He's come home 2 other times with bite marks on the inside crease of his arm. The first time it happened, I went to get Kylan and Jessie said there's this boy that bit everyone there. I just blew it off thinking maybe it's just a phase and it won't happen again. Well, Scott got him the other time and there was another bite mark in the same spot. Friday, I get home from work and Scott said that he had another bite mark on the upper part of the back of his arm. Then he told me that I needed to take Kylan to Jessie's on Monday because he had to do a clean-up at 7:00. So I thought that would be a good opportunity to talk to Jessie about the biting. I went in this morning and asked her if Kylan had been biting anyone because he keeps coming home with the bite marks. Thinking maybe he is biting someone and they are biting back. She said he has never bit anyone and that this little boy keeps biting the kids and they don't know what else to do. The mother is just mortified because with her twin 15 year olds, she has never had this problem. The has been bit back and he is just still biting. I don't know what else to do because I don't want him to come home or get a phone call that the boy has bit Kylan and he is bleeding!!!! Or, even worse, Mrs. Jessie telling me that now he's started biting. Ugggghhhhh, I don't know how to handle this. I would tell her that Kylan can't go until that boy decides he needs to stop biting but Kylan LOVES going to "Sessies" and I don't have anywhere else for him to go.
Anyway, we had a pretty good weekend. It's tax season so I worked a little on Saturday. On my way, Jane asked if I wanted to go to Canton when I got off so we went! They had sooooo many cute things for little girls. I could have went CRAZY if I had a little girl. I wouldn't trade my little man for anything in the world though. I decided that I am going to start up my own little booth where I have just super cute boy stuff. Nothing but boy stuff!!! I guarantee it would be a huge hit because I didn't find hardly anything cute that was little boy stuff. I got me a couple of shirts that were 50% off. They are the rocker type tees. They were originally priced between $30 to $40 so I was so glad that I found them. I had never seen that place there so I will definitely be looking for that place again. I know exactly where it is. LOL
That evening, we had some friends over for the UFC fight. Kylan loved playing with little Miss Gracie. Only thing is, I was exhausted from getting up early for work and going to Canton and TJ (Gracie's mom) and Gracie were fighting the same colds that everyone else has had (and the one we all just finally got over) so I ended up going to bed around 11:00 and TJ and Gracie fell asleep on the couch. All the girls slept while all the boys watched the fight. (Except Kylan, he was asleep in his room!)
Sunday, we had super bowl fun!! We went to Jane's and had some yummy stew and watched the super bowl. Kylan loved playing with Chelsi since she was down from OU for the weekend. He loves him some Chelsi!! :-) He showed off for everyone and had fun doing it. I ended up being on the computer for what seemed like all day trying to find a place for us to go this summer. I found a couple of good places in Aruba to go to that are all-inclusive and kid friendly. I can't wait!!!
I am also sooooooooo proud of myself for figuring out how to do my own blog design. I think it still needs a little tweaking but it will take time. I have so much fun doing it and it's so relaxing to me! Anyway, guess I better get to work now!
Talk to y'all later! :-)