Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Happy 4 Years

I just wanted to tell Scott Happy Anniversary!! I said Happy Anniversary on facebook but you don't have one because you haven't moved into the 21st century!! J/K ;-) I love you and I am looking forward to our day tomorrow. I can't believe it's already been 4 years. I wish we could do it all over again, minus the drama and sore throat!! :-( Gone by soooooo fast. Just think, this time next year, it will be 5 years and hopefully we will be on a second honeymoon. I'm telling you, every 5 years I want another honeymoon!!! LOL I swear everyone, I am not high maintenance or anything. ;-)
Love you Scott and you are the bestest hubby ever!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Anniversary Weekend

Well, from Thursday till the rest of the week was a CRAZY time for me.  We won't go into that right now.  Maybe at a later date when I am ready to say.
Saturday, Scott and I planned on going out for our anniversary since it's this Thursday.  Grana, Pappy, and Tay-Tay watched Kylan so Scott and I could go to our FAVORITE restaurant, Chamberlain's.  We would say they have the best steak around.  It was so nice to just get out and relax.  I severely needed it.  I started off with a glass of wine and some lobster and seafood bisque.  That was probably the best soup I have ever had.  I will definitely be getting that next time.  Then, Scott told them to make me a Beef Wellington.  They normally don't have it on the menu so you have to tell them whenever you make the reservation.  It's a fillet (whatever size you want) with truffle (mushrooms) wrapped in a puff pastry with garlic mashed potatoes on the side.  I love Beef Wellington, so tender I cut it with just my fork.  MMMMMMM  We then topped it off with Creme Brulee with fresh berries.  We've decided to make that our anniversary spot since we know it's good.  We've tried to go other places that just weren't as good and we were disappointed.  Here's a pic of us before we left:

After breakfast on Sunday, Pappy, Kylan, and Scott worked on the fence that we were putting up along the back of the yard.  Mainly to keep Bandit away from my garden, which has already got several squash growing in it, and to keep Bandit back there if we have company over.  Here's some pics from Sunday:  
Oh no, he's going to be a "level freak" like his daddy!
He found himself a ladybug!
Trying to find the ladybug after he dropped it!
There it is!
No!! Don't kill the ladybug!
Kylan's little friend!
Kylan loves hanging out with the boys and helping out.  Now, if it didn't flood this morning, I sure would have LOVED to hang out outside and get a little sun.  I woke up to the backyard being filled with water like I have never seen it before.  We ended up getting 2 inches of rain just this morning so hopefully we will get a break the rest of the day.  Oh well, it's supposed to be like this all week so we are all going to be cooped up in the house.  Hope everyone had a good Monday!  Talk to y'all later!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

19 Months old, Really?!?!?!

Has it really been 19 months since we had our little man?  It just doesn't seem like it's been that long.  Just think, 5 more months and he's going to be 2.  It seems like just yesterday I was getting everything ready for his 1st birthday party.  I just can't believe how fast time flies.  I've always heard people say it goes by way fast and I just never really believed it until now.  It seems like every day he's doing something to crack us up.  He's just so animated and loves attention and will do ANYTHING to keep your attention.  We went yesterday and helped daddy clean up some houses for his dad.  He was such a little man walking around and picking up wood or paper and saying "Daddy, Here".  He was riding on the tractor with daddy acting like he was driving at times.  Just wish I would have thought to get out the camera.  I'm sure there will be plenty of other times when he goes to help daddy.  Then last night he let me do my favorite thing, rock him to sleep.  He never lets me rock him to sleep anymore.  That was just a special time between him and I.

I still have to load the pictures from the Saturday before Easter from my little camera but here are some that are off of the big camera!
Here he's eating like a big boy!  It's been kinda hard to teach him this since he eats with his hands at Mrs. Jessie's.
This one is of him yelling at me, like usual!! :-) (and look at those blue eyes!)

Here's a video that I took of him while he was eating.  He was saying Awww Man and I tried to catch it but them he stopped.  He started to say it again towards the end.  It's a cute video for what it's worth though! :-)

Well, I am off to relax.  I started back my running at lunch today so I am pooped! :-) 

And also to think, it's our 4 year anniversary next week!  Ugggghhhhhh, can time slow down a little?


Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Fun

Well, I am finally posting from last weekend, Easter!!  The Easter Bunny visited Kylan on Saturday night bringing him all kinds of goodies.  He got him a soft green monkey, a froggy alarm clock that makes ribbit sounds, some flash cards with the alphabet and the animal that corresponds with that letter, the classic Peter Rabbit book, a little wind up hoppy bunny, and some Peeps.  We had a crazy busy day that day.  After Kylan took his nap that morning, I had to point out that the Easter Bunny came to visit him.  He loved everything he got.  Especially the alarm clock!!  We finally had to put that up somewhere high because he would just carry it around the house pressing the ribbit button.  Here are a few pictures:
After that, we headed on over to Scott's grandparent's house.  We had lunch, visited with family, and did a little Easter egg hunt.  Kylan was the only one that was up to doing it.
Ummmmm, Yea, not really sure why he's lying on the driveway!  I really rather he not do that since the ground is filthy, but what can I do, he's all boy!!
Camdyn (Kylan's little cousin) tried to ride his four wheeler and it scared her just a little bit!  She wasn't a happy camper after that, Sorry Cam! :-)
Camdyn going after Buddy (the dog), unfortunately he wasn't like her Bozley at home!
This was right before we headed on over to Scott's other grandparent's house.  
I love this one below!

Here's Kylan saying CHEESE!!!

We went to Scott's parents on Saturday because we were thinking it was going to be a pretty nasty day on Sunday so we did a little Easter egg hunt over there outside.  I will have to post another one tomorrow on that one because we are going to Taylor's softball tourney in Mesquite so I gotta go!!!  Hope Everyone enjoyed this batch!  ha!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Soon Enough, there will be Easter

Well, I am soooooo sorry that I haven't posted in a while! I was planning to post some Easter pics yesterday but I wasn't feeling very well. Let me tell you the story! I had my last dose of antibiotics last Saturday for my UTI (that is wayyyyyy gone and I am so thankful that it is!) Sunday, I started to notice these little red bumps on me so I was just thinking it was mosquito bites from our little Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday (which will be in a later post.) Kylan and I both get red whelps from mosquito bites when we get them so they looked alot like those. I am assuming that we may be a little allergic to them. I had them on my knees, shins, arm, and yes, I even had a couple on my head. It looked like I had rolled around in a nest of of them. The ones on my shins and knees were VERY painful. It felt (and looked) like if you hit your shin really hard on something and it knotted up. It hurt to bend over (which we all know is hard not to do when you have a toddler) and hurt to walk because they were so swollen. Monday it just got worse and then Tuesday, I woke up and the ones on my arm started to get little blisters on them. Well, I was thinking, oh no, it's some kind of infection so I put in a call to Dr. Lee and got in there at 2:00. He said it looks like no bite he's ever seen before so he's thinking it's a delayed reaction to my antibiotic (Microdantin) that I just got done taking for 14 days. I haven't ever taken that one so that's all we can think of. He said it could get worse before it gets better so he put me on Prednisone. Told me to take 3 when I get it from the pharmacy to jump start the reversal, 2 for 5 days and then 1 for 5 more days after that. I woke up this morning feeling better and no more knots, just bruises! :-( The one's with the blisters on my arms hurt but I am thinking after today, they will be getting better. Whew!! I am just one medical mystery here lately!

I am wanting to let my Nonnie know that we are thinking about her today, she's having back surgery so she's definitely in our prayers!! We love you!

I will post about Easter either tomorrow or Friday since I AM OFF!!!! Today is the 15th and WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO no more tax season! (Until next year that is)

I get tired of posting an entry without pictures so I put some of Kylan up at the top. There's one of him lying on our bed watching Fraggle Rock and one where he was dancing to it, he loves that movie.LOL He was caught red handed climbing on top of his kitchen. We got him the cutest hand painted wood step stool from Pier One with ephants (as Mia calls them, my niece) and he felt he needed to climb on his kitchen. He's definitely going to be a climber! And then the last one is of him pushing a play lawnmower. He's going to help daddy when he gets one!! :-) (You can tell which one's were taken by my BB Storm and the ones taken by Scott's BB Curve) lol Sorry Scott

Talk to everyone later,

Monday, April 6, 2009

Everyone Pray :-)

For rain to stay away this weekend! Looks like we are going to have a pretty nice week so lets pray that they take that chance of rain Saturday night, out!!! I really want to have a good weekend with Kylan and family and hang out outside!! :-)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Easter Pictures

I will post another blog later but I just had time to load Kylan's new Easter Picture.  This first one is when he was 7 months old and the next one is when he is 18 months.  See how big my baby has gotten?!?!?!  Talk to yall later, gotta get back to watching the roast cook (and relax while Kylan's taking a nap!) ;-)  Alyssa
Oh, and by the way, he was in the process of chunking the wood eggs at the photographer!  I chose this one because this is so him right now!  Throwing things and he definitely has a good arm on him!!   Can we say pitcher?!?!?!