Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kylan-The Monkey

Kylan is doing alot better!! Saturday, he was still a little cranky like his ears were sore. He had his good moments and his bad moments. On Sunday, he was FULL FORCE!!!! We did our Sunday ritual of going to IHOP and Granna, Pappy, Tay-Tay, Granny and PawPaw were there so we ate with them. Kylan sat in between Pappy and PawPaw. He had everyone laughing. He was sitting on the bench like a big boy throughout the whole meal. He was sooooo animated. He kept looking out the window, seeing the cars go by on the highway and saying "caws" which means cars. He's just in the best of moods now. Last night, he didn't want to go to bed worth anything. Maybe he's actually starting to feel good and he's just wanting to stay up all the time now. But we know, he needs his sleep so we all can stay sane! Anyway, after his bath time, I was putting lotion on him and he was just singing away. I was hoping Scott would hear him and try to get a little video of him but he decided he needed to stop singing. I just wanted to update everyone on how our little monkey was doing! I hope to be taking some pictures of him and hopefully get a video of our little singer!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Juice Video

Here is the happy juice video that I was trying to upload. He is such a silly goose. Notice that he is acting drunk and he's looking at his hand like he's got 10 fingers!! Then he starts trying to take off his gown!! LOL

Friday, January 23, 2009

Happy Juice, Sillyness, and Doors

Well, today was the day Kylan got his tubes in his ears!! It's been a very exhausting day. We got up at 4:15 to leave for the hospital by 4:45 in Frisco. Everything went great! It went so fast we didn't have time to finish making our coffee! He was VERY cranky in the recovery room but came out of it for the most part about 45 minutes later. Dr. Skiles said he did great but he still had a little bit of infection in both ears.He sat in the anesthesiologist's lap and took the strawberry flavored gas and he fell fast asleep. He drained quite a bit of fluid from his ears so hopefully the infection will clear up pretty fast since he is still on antibiotics. Anyway, we got home and he stayed up for a little while, while daddy took mommy's car to get the oil changed and get a haircut. I finally put him to sleep because he just couldn't walk hardly. He slept for about and hour and a half and that was it for the rest of the day. Which made for a very long day. He has some visitors to wish him well so he got some balloons, a ball, a tractor, and a Valentines puppy that sings and his ears flap up and down. He would cranky one minute then happy the next and wouldn't even sleep for 30 minutes in the afternoon. Anyway, it's 7:40 and he's in bed and we are happy to just get to relax. I put some pictures below and a video of him being silly on his "happy juice"!

This is when he had his double ear infections:

He never sleeps on the couch so we knew he was miserable:

On the way to the hospital! Very Early!!!

Making friends like usual:

Oh the "happy juice" has kicked in:

My little cutie:

Love his lashes:

After we left. He was sooooo cranky, which is normal coming out of the anesthesia:
All red from crying:
Getting better:

Oh, and here is the picture of Kylan when he got in a fight with the corner of the door. It busted both lips and a line is down the middle of his face. Poor thing! Let's just say the door won!! :-(

Hopefully tomorrow he will be a better mood and ready to run around like he used to. I will upload the video that we took of Kylan on his "happy juice" tomorrow. For some reason it's not letting me do it!! :-(

Talk to y'all soon!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wish I was blessed with a natural good looking body!

Well, I am starting back on my cereal diet! Seemed like the only thing that really worked. I lost around 20 lbs last year so I am hoping that I can get a few more lbs off with it again. I want to go on a good vacation this summer and I refuse to go out there looking like a whale!! I know I know, some people say that I look good but I feel like I look awful, cellulite on my legs, muffin top, etc!! I am sitting at my desk, trying to convince myself that this cereal is MMM MMM MMM but it's not really working! Oh the things women go thru just to look good. I just wish I was one of those type people that can look good before they get pregnant and then just bounce right back to that same body after pregnancy! No such luck here. Just feeling a little down on myself so I had to get this off my chest! :-( Soon enough, I will be ordering my 2 piece bathing suit out of Victoria's Secret catalog just like I used to do and I will be prancing around the beach, pool, and lake looking good in it!! :-) Wish me luck!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tubes are a go!

Well, we went to Dr. Skiles yesterday afternoon and the tubes are a go! He thinks it would be best to go ahead and get them since he's becoming immune to almost every antibiotic there is. That's the last thing we want because if something really bad happens and he needs antibiotic, he's going to be immune and it won't do any good. I feel really good about this, nervous but good. I am nervous about seeing him put into anesthesia. I have full confidence in this doctor because he's worked on my 2 nieces and nephew and they are great but I guess it's just a parent thing about being nervous. We have to be in Frisco at 6:00 a.m. so that means we are going to have to leave about 4:30 or 4:45! Whew, that's early. I am just debating if maybe we should stay in Frisco or somewhere close so he can sleep as long as he can. I'm afraid that if we wake him that early, he may not want to go back to sleep and then he's going to want his sippy cup and "bites" and we can't give him any. That's going to break my heart because he doesn't understand! Maybe I can find somewhere cheap but nice to stay in for Thursday night.
Anyway, when we went to the doctor yesterday, Kylan was showing off for everyone. We were walking down the hall and he would see a stranger, he would say "Ello!" He tried to make friends with another girl, who was about 5 or 6, in the waiting room but she didn't want to share her (or the Dr's office) Lego's but he kept trying to play with her. I felt so bad! So the nurse went ahead and called us back to do the hearing test again and he LOVED her. She sat us in this vault like room with speakers on 2 opposite corners. A stuffed puppy was on one speaker and a kitty on the other. She would talk to him from the other room (we could see her through the glass window) and make puppy and kitty noises. At first, he looked in the direction of the noise then he realized she was making the noise!! LOL She said boys tend to figure that it's her out fast. Next, we went to see Dr. Skiles and he just loves Dr. Skiles. He's so good for him. He lets him look in his ears and listen to his chest without making a fuss. Dr. Skiles was explaining the process to me and Scott put Kylan in the patient chair. Kylan kept leaning forward in the chair because Dr. Skiles back was to him. He kept leaning forward to get his attention and once he had it, he had the biggest smile on his face. The doctor would turn away again and Kylan did the same thing until he got his attention. It was sooooooo cute and I wish I had a camera to get a picture of it. He kept stepping between the cabinets and the wall playing "Where's Kylan". Funny things is he would leave his leg hanging out so we could see him the whole time. He would hide, then step out and say "boo!" He definitely made friends with him!!
I will post some pictures soon of him. I have to load them on the computer from the camera.
Talk to y'all later!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Yay, no RSV!

Dr. called and thank God Kylan doesn't have RSV! We still need to go to Dr. Skiles tomorrow so we are going to talk to him and see if we can go thru with things since he's on albuterol. We will see! Just wanted to keep y'all up to date. :-)

A little luck would be GREAT!

Boy, have we had a rough past week! Kylan went to the Dr. with an ear infection and cold, I came down with the same cold so I was feeling bad, and now, Scott has the same thing only his is worse! He has an appointment today at 2:00 for his. Kylan went back at 9:30 for a checkup on his ears and what does the Dr. say, he is wheezing so he needs to go to the hospital for an RSV test. He said he doesn't think he has it but he would rather be safe than sorry. Now, we have an appointment tomorrow to go see Dr. Skiles in Frisco for his ears. If Dr. Skiles was to say that he needs to go ahead and get tubes (which is very likely since we all were waiting for the next ear infection) than we were to go in on Friday to get them done. Well, if he has RSV, we can't get that done until he is all better. Well, we had to rush and do the tubes thing because Scott's insurance runs out on the 31st. Oh, timing is just awful right now! I try to keep positive through everything but it just seems like it's getting worse! I just had to vent and get that off my chest. I will keep everyone updated when I get word.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Momma's sick little duckling!

Yep, you've heard it right, I have a sick little duckling on my hands! Kylan and I have been passing this cold back and forth between us and now he's really sick! Sunday, he started running fever of 100.2 so we started giving him Tylenol until we could get him to the Dr. on Monday. Well, he was running 101 on Monday morning so I made the appointment for first thing. Once again, he's got another ear infection. He might have one in both ears but he wouldn't let the Dr. look in the right ear. Guess that means I need to go ahead and call Dr. Skiles to see about getting tubes. His last one was in August and Dr. Skiles (the ear Dr.) said, "If he gets 1 more ear infection, we need to go ahead and get tubes put in." Well, he hasn't had one since then so I was thinking, just maybe he's grown out of them and hopefully he will not have anymore. No such luck! First, we have to figure out our insurance situation. It expires on the 31st so we are in the process of looking at some temporary insurance. I just hope the temp. insurance covers something like that. If not, it's going to have to wait until Scott finds a job. Poor baby, he was so miserable looking last night. His eyes were all red and puffy, his nose steady running! He would just sit on the couch with me and Scott, so we know he was pretty miserable! That boy doesn't sit still at all. Hopefully today, he will get some more rest and get to feeling better tomorrow!
On the job situation, it's not going very good! Luckily, Scott's dad has some pretty good size houses going so Scott's helping his dad with those. He's sent out LOTS of resumes but no one is hiring!! I take that back, he got one job offer and I said "NO"! It was an environmental group that his housed out of Canada. The guy said Scott would be traveling 90 to 100% of the time and the pay wasn't even worth it! I told Scott, "did you tell him that you have a family?" If all else fails and that was the last resort, then he has to do what he has to do, but I do not agree with it. That job is more for a someone who isn't married with a child! Anyway, off to work I go. VERY BUSY!!! Just had to get everyone up to date. :-)

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sr. Cpl. Norman Smith

I am sure everyone has heard about this but he was a gang unit police officer for Dallas. At my past job, I had the chance to deal with a bunch of the Dallas police officers and Dallas Fire. I hate when this happens because I got to know alot of them. This is the 3rd police officer that I knew that has been killed in the line of duty. Unfortunately, this one hit me hard because I knew him a little more than the other ones. Like I told Scott, he is the nicest and sweetest police officer I have ever met. I never once saw him in a bad mood and he was always cheery! He had a kind of love with his wife that people just envy. She would walk in and his face just lit up. He loved his job and so many people looked up to him. He was like a huge teddy bear. My prayers are with his wife, Regina who is also a Dallas police officer, and his children. I couldn't even imagine how this must feel.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Responding to Comments!

Hello Everyone! It may be just that I am crabby, tired, not feeling well, and I feel like someone has punched me in my cheekbones because my sinuses hurt sooooo bad but I just want to let some people know this. I am not going to respond or email anyone who I do not know. I like to read other people's blogs but I just keep it at that. I don't mind if you comment on something I wrote but asking me to email you or whatever, I am not going to do unless I know who you are. There are crazy people in the world and I just don't trust it. Maybe I have watched too many crime shows. LOL The purpose of this blog is to keep friends and family members who I do not see alot updated on this crazy Maliska household! :-) I hope I am not offending anyone because that's not what I am trying to do. Hope everyone has a blessed Hump Day and weekend.


Monday, January 5, 2009

Oh My!

Not complaining or anything but today is the "OFFICIAL" start to the tax season! No vacations, long hours, working weekends spells out the next four months for me!!! I was hoping I would be prepared mentally for this but I am far from being mentally prepared. I have year end payroll reports, quarterly reports, monthly payroll tax payments, W-2's, , and 1099's all due this month along with doing my regular work on top of that. I will be working LOTS of overtime to help make up for our financial situation sooooo pleeeaaase pray that I make it thru all this and still be sane! LOL I will be doing alot more than what I did last year. There are 8 of us up here and it's very trying from January to April 15th because we all spend so much time up here with each other and we all get on each others nerves and are at each other's throats!! Good thing we all can get over it and get back to our normal routine after April 15th!! Just kinda sad though because I really look forward to the weekends and evenings when I can spend time with Kylan and I will be missing alot of that. Thankfully Scott takes pictures with his phone and sends them to me when something funny happens! :-) Anyway, I just had to vent a little!
P.S. Sorry if I am not blogging as much in these next couple of months. I will try to do it as much as I can! ;-)

Friday, January 2, 2009

Momma's little helper!

Attached is a video that we took when Kylan decided to help sweep! It's kinda dark but hey, that's our house!! :-)

As he gets older, it seems like he is wanting to help me more and more. I will be doing laundry and he will just walk in there and decide he wants to help. I'll hand him some clothes and he will put them in the dryer for me. The only thing is, when there isn't any clothes left, he wants to take the clothes back out of the dryer and put them back in the washer. We will have to work on that! hahaha I'll have to get Scott to record it one day.

Here are just a few random pics that we took of him....

Loves to sit in the basket....

Yes, he really fell asleep like this.... hahahaha

Here are some from the weekend before Christmas in Coppell at Aunt Katrina's....

Here are few from Scott's birthday dinner at Benihana....

Our Lil' Man on the way....

Lovin' the chopsticks

Fascinated with the tricks the cook was doing....

Sitting in the booster seat on the ground....

Family Pic....

Our New Years was pretty uneventful, kinda like last year. Last year, Kylan was a baby and I was getting over a month long cold that Kylan brought home from the babysitters and Scott just started getting it. This year, we went to Jonathan and Jennifer's but ended up coming home early. I put him to sleep around 8:00 or so (which is VERY late to him) and woke up 5 minutes later. He wouldn't go back to sleep so we decided to leave so he could go to sleep in his own bed in the peace and quiet. He fell asleep before we even hit the road and didn't wake up while I got him out and put him to bed. We watched a little TV, struggling to stay awake since we are used to going to bed alot earlier than that! hahaha But, we made it to midnight!! Then, the best thing all week, New Years day, we went and got our Christmas present from David and Jane, a new couch. We had already picked it out so all we had to do was go to the warehouse and pick it up. It is soooooo comfortable and it has the deepest cushions! My feet don't even hit the ground! My ideal couch. I will take pics eventually.

Anyway, I am off to bed! Have a great weekend everyone!