Saturday, December 26, 2009

Snow on Christmas Eve?!?!?!?!

Really, in Texas, Actual snow on Christmas Eve!!  I had been after some friends of mine to send me some snow, Rebecca in Maryland and Sarah in Utah (Well, Minnesota for the Holidays) and well, it actually happened!! :-)  All I was expecting was to have some really cold temps and a little rain and that was it.
Can you see it!!  It was a blizzard up north of Dallas so we just got really horrible wind and some snow!!  We will take it :-)

This one is a better one :-)

Only stuck to the grass since it was 70 the day before, but that's Texas for you!

Starting to open our gifts from Granna, Pappy, and Taylor:

and from the rest of the family:

The Momma and the Baby!  LOL

Now it's time to get into the Santa Suit!  Last year we didn't do it but his first year, he was Santa on Christmas Eve so we decided to start this tradition back up :-)
First year:

This year:

Couldn't get Granny to look at the camera!! LOL

Then we got a surprise visit from Grandma and Grandpa Maliska:

After lots of eating and playing dominos, it was time to head home and get Kylan to bed for Santa.  He's in his Christmas PJ's and ready to get fast asleep :-)

We were thankful to have such a great Christmas Eve and thankful that everyone made it home OK.  We LOVE it when it snows, especially on Christmas Eve, which RARELY happens :-)

Next post ~ Christmas Day

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