Sunday, December 20, 2009

Scott's Birthday Dinner!

Friday was Scott's 30th Birthday so I took him to Chamberlain's Steak and Chop House.  We LOVE that place.  Here's a few pics from the evening:

I was really surprised that he was good the whole evening!!  Thank you so much Kylan :-)  (Hey, he's 2 and he has some meltdowns)

Saturday, we one of my side's Christmas (My dad's side).  My grandmother just had back surgery because she has osteoporosis and her discs are basically disintegrating.  She's also got Alzheimers, which is no good!  Anyway, she wouldn't have been able to ride anywhere for too long so we decided to go to their house and do it.  They still live in the same house that my dad and two aunts grew up in.  It's a small house and I just can't imagine living with 4 other people, with one bathroom in that house!!  Oh, but it does bring back lots of good memories :-)  I love going over there!!

MawMaw opening her gift from us.  It's a family picture ~ She loves getting family pics

Ha!  He found this fan in the house and he loved this fan!  Go Figure!!! LOL  We are still trying to figure out where my grandparents got this.

Kylan got some Hot Wheel cars and a race-track carpet to go in his play room.  He got some cute clothes also :-)

Scott and I are so thankful that we both sets of grandparents and are happy to spend every moment we can with them.  Not too many people our age have that!  Well, off to relax before the busy Christmas week ahead.  I hope everyone had a great weekend :-)


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