Friday, December 11, 2009

Santa Claus is Coming to Town...

This is Santa!!  Kylan's best friend!! LOL  I was really wondering if Kylan would like Santa this year but he was a big boy and just hopped up on his leg, told him he wanted a basketball goal, smiled for the camera, and chatted it up with him. :-)

The set up was really cute this year!  Santa had his own little house in the middle of the mall.  Wasn't too bad of a wait.  There is something to be said for going in the middle of the week :-)

We went to see the trains and Kylan once again LOVED them.  Last year he was only 1 yr old so he understood but didn't.  He knew what everything was this year and I sit here and wonder what his mind was thinking.  Was he thinking that they were actual little people?  Did he think that there were real people on those little trains?

It was so neat on the one below.  Last year they had the Downtown Dallas one but I don't remember the actual hospitals.  They did Baylor Hospital and so many other landmarks.  The people that do this are really talented! :-)

We also did our Salvation Army Bucket donation.  He did great with that too.  I was thinking he wouldn't want to let go of the $1 but he did with no problems.  It's like he kind of remembered from last year because I gave him the dollar and he knew to walk right up to the bucket and put it in.  This lady that was at this bucket was singing away!!  She was so peppy and singing really loud, ringing bells, made me want to bypass all the other buckets and put it in hers!! LOL  I know I know, they all go to the same place but think about it, if you see 2 checkout people, one frowning and one smiling and talking, who are you going to go to??

On another note, Mommy had to sit in time out!  I didn't say a nice word (Shut-up) to Scott and I had to take my punishment.  Actually Scott said it a week ago and I made him sit in there for 30 min, (1 minute for each year) j/k only 2 minutes, to show Kylan that that isn't a nice word.  Especially since he's a little parrot.  Then I accidentally let it slip and Scott took full advantage of that and threw me in time out!! LOL

(excuse the pj's, we were fixing to do the gingerbread house)

Kylan wanted to keep me company! :-)

and me trying to get him to let me out of time out!! LOL

Anyway, we have some busy times coming up!  Lot's of wrapping, cooking, making cookies for Santa (hope you're hungry Santa), and so on!!  Now I need to go make Kylan some dinner so hope everyone has a safe and fun weekend! :-)



KRiSTiN said...

how fun!! and i love your santa plate and glass! i need new ones. mine are just blue with snow flakes. :(

i got a reciepe for "reindeer chow" for the boys to leave out for the reindeer. it's chex mix really, lol. but it's fun for the kids. :)

Becky Lynn said...

This all looked like so much fun!!! Ashtyn would of loved the trains!