Saturday, December 26, 2009

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas!

Christmas Day came and Kylan was one pooped little man.  We got home late on Christmas Eve and he didn't have a nap so our plan was to let him sleep in.  He woke up around 8:30 or so and I caught him on camera coming in to see what Scott and I were up to:

Notice he has all his "night-nights" in hand.  He does this every morning, comes in to our bedroom with all his night-nights.
I have a video but I have yet to figure out how to load it on here with the new layout.  Hmmmmm, that may be something I can do tomorrow.
Santa came and brought Kylan a basketball goal and a baseball tee.

He got some dump trucks, a tricycle, and some other little things from us.

Here, Kylan is helping me open up my Snuggie!!  Yes, I got a Snuggie!! LOL  Everyone made soooo much fun of these things but EVERYONE now has one!  It's just really funny :-)

Daddy got some tools and a really nice tool box.  I thought I got some pics of him opening his but I didn't.  I couldn't wrap the tool box because it was too heavy so it was sitting in the garage. LOL

Kylan and Daddy went to the 10:00 mass and I stayed home so I could be ready in time to go to Grandma's and Grandpa's at 12:00.

Grandma's games to play in the next couple of weeks!

I thought this was a good one of Grandma when she's opening our gift to her :-)

We had lots of fun that day!  Kylan played with the big kids, running around the house about 30 times (no exaggeration)!  We got in the car to leave because Kylan was going downhill FAST around 9 (I think) and we got down the road and Kylan says "Give Grandma Kiss!"  We made sure he was going to give her one because when he left, he didn't want to tell anyone goodbye so we turned around, took him back inside and he gave Grandma a kiss and said "I love you!"  Sooooooo sweet :-)

Anyway, we had a blast on Christmas Day and God willing, the same will be next year ;-)

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