Friday, December 4, 2009

Another normal night in the life of Kylan....

This is how our Crazy Kylan acts before he goes to bed each night. He's usually full of energy, or pretending to be, so he thinks he can persuade us into letting him stay up! I got him some, what I call, big boy pajamas!! I LOVE them, too cute :-)

Ever since last year, we have went up to Lowe's and let Kylan pick out a moving Christmas toy. Last year he chose the Spinning Snow Man and this year isn't too much different. It's a little updated I guess you could say!! :-) He was about to head to bed so we told everyone good night, sweet dreams, see ya in the mornin, love you and my normal gasp because he likes to jump from the ottoman to the couch!! Gives me a heart attack every time!! :-s

We had a pretty good Thanksgiving, besides Kylan and I trying to get over this cold. I think we keep passing it back and forth. As you can tell in the video, I have a little raspy voice!! LOL Next week, we plan on going to get his picture taken with Santa and do his little donation in to the Salvation Army guy in front of the mall. I plan on making that a tradition to where he donates a little each year because there are families out there that are less fortunate than us. Last year he gave them $1 (well, one of ours) and this year will be the same. I am sure I will give him $1 to do again this year since he is still pretty young to really understand the full meaning of donating. We have also started another little tradition. We have started the little countdown tree. It came with some little magnet ornaments but I put a little surprise in there with it (a piece of candy.) Next year I will be able to put some different little things in there because I will have more time to plan. I couldn't find one that I liked until I saw this one :-)
I just LOVE Christmas time! We actually decorated a little early!! hehe

Well, Hope everyone has a good weekend! :-)


Taren said...

So cute! I have already told Dustin that I want to go and get that snowman for Camdyn! We will be seeing you guys this year at Christmas Eve! They both should be pretty funny together :)

Alyssa said...

I'm telling you, he loves these things!! I bet she would too. Yay, it will be fun to sit and watch how they act towards each other. What is little Camdyn in to? (toy wise)