Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Soon Enough, there will be Easter

Well, I am soooooo sorry that I haven't posted in a while! I was planning to post some Easter pics yesterday but I wasn't feeling very well. Let me tell you the story! I had my last dose of antibiotics last Saturday for my UTI (that is wayyyyyy gone and I am so thankful that it is!) Sunday, I started to notice these little red bumps on me so I was just thinking it was mosquito bites from our little Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday (which will be in a later post.) Kylan and I both get red whelps from mosquito bites when we get them so they looked alot like those. I am assuming that we may be a little allergic to them. I had them on my knees, shins, arm, and yes, I even had a couple on my head. It looked like I had rolled around in a nest of of them. The ones on my shins and knees were VERY painful. It felt (and looked) like if you hit your shin really hard on something and it knotted up. It hurt to bend over (which we all know is hard not to do when you have a toddler) and hurt to walk because they were so swollen. Monday it just got worse and then Tuesday, I woke up and the ones on my arm started to get little blisters on them. Well, I was thinking, oh no, it's some kind of infection so I put in a call to Dr. Lee and got in there at 2:00. He said it looks like no bite he's ever seen before so he's thinking it's a delayed reaction to my antibiotic (Microdantin) that I just got done taking for 14 days. I haven't ever taken that one so that's all we can think of. He said it could get worse before it gets better so he put me on Prednisone. Told me to take 3 when I get it from the pharmacy to jump start the reversal, 2 for 5 days and then 1 for 5 more days after that. I woke up this morning feeling better and no more knots, just bruises! :-( The one's with the blisters on my arms hurt but I am thinking after today, they will be getting better. Whew!! I am just one medical mystery here lately!

I am wanting to let my Nonnie know that we are thinking about her today, she's having back surgery so she's definitely in our prayers!! We love you!

I will post about Easter either tomorrow or Friday since I AM OFF!!!! Today is the 15th and WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOO no more tax season! (Until next year that is)

I get tired of posting an entry without pictures so I put some of Kylan up at the top. There's one of him lying on our bed watching Fraggle Rock and one where he was dancing to it, he loves that movie.LOL He was caught red handed climbing on top of his kitchen. We got him the cutest hand painted wood step stool from Pier One with ephants (as Mia calls them, my niece) and he felt he needed to climb on his kitchen. He's definitely going to be a climber! And then the last one is of him pushing a play lawnmower. He's going to help daddy when he gets one!! :-) (You can tell which one's were taken by my BB Storm and the ones taken by Scott's BB Curve) lol Sorry Scott

Talk to everyone later,

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