Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter Fun

Well, I am finally posting from last weekend, Easter!!  The Easter Bunny visited Kylan on Saturday night bringing him all kinds of goodies.  He got him a soft green monkey, a froggy alarm clock that makes ribbit sounds, some flash cards with the alphabet and the animal that corresponds with that letter, the classic Peter Rabbit book, a little wind up hoppy bunny, and some Peeps.  We had a crazy busy day that day.  After Kylan took his nap that morning, I had to point out that the Easter Bunny came to visit him.  He loved everything he got.  Especially the alarm clock!!  We finally had to put that up somewhere high because he would just carry it around the house pressing the ribbit button.  Here are a few pictures:
After that, we headed on over to Scott's grandparent's house.  We had lunch, visited with family, and did a little Easter egg hunt.  Kylan was the only one that was up to doing it.
Ummmmm, Yea, not really sure why he's lying on the driveway!  I really rather he not do that since the ground is filthy, but what can I do, he's all boy!!
Camdyn (Kylan's little cousin) tried to ride his four wheeler and it scared her just a little bit!  She wasn't a happy camper after that, Sorry Cam! :-)
Camdyn going after Buddy (the dog), unfortunately he wasn't like her Bozley at home!
This was right before we headed on over to Scott's other grandparent's house.  
I love this one below!

Here's Kylan saying CHEESE!!!

We went to Scott's parents on Saturday because we were thinking it was going to be a pretty nasty day on Sunday so we did a little Easter egg hunt over there outside.  I will have to post another one tomorrow on that one because we are going to Taylor's softball tourney in Mesquite so I gotta go!!!  Hope Everyone enjoyed this batch!  ha!

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