Monday, April 27, 2009

Anniversary Weekend

Well, from Thursday till the rest of the week was a CRAZY time for me.  We won't go into that right now.  Maybe at a later date when I am ready to say.
Saturday, Scott and I planned on going out for our anniversary since it's this Thursday.  Grana, Pappy, and Tay-Tay watched Kylan so Scott and I could go to our FAVORITE restaurant, Chamberlain's.  We would say they have the best steak around.  It was so nice to just get out and relax.  I severely needed it.  I started off with a glass of wine and some lobster and seafood bisque.  That was probably the best soup I have ever had.  I will definitely be getting that next time.  Then, Scott told them to make me a Beef Wellington.  They normally don't have it on the menu so you have to tell them whenever you make the reservation.  It's a fillet (whatever size you want) with truffle (mushrooms) wrapped in a puff pastry with garlic mashed potatoes on the side.  I love Beef Wellington, so tender I cut it with just my fork.  MMMMMMM  We then topped it off with Creme Brulee with fresh berries.  We've decided to make that our anniversary spot since we know it's good.  We've tried to go other places that just weren't as good and we were disappointed.  Here's a pic of us before we left:

After breakfast on Sunday, Pappy, Kylan, and Scott worked on the fence that we were putting up along the back of the yard.  Mainly to keep Bandit away from my garden, which has already got several squash growing in it, and to keep Bandit back there if we have company over.  Here's some pics from Sunday:  
Oh no, he's going to be a "level freak" like his daddy!
He found himself a ladybug!
Trying to find the ladybug after he dropped it!
There it is!
No!! Don't kill the ladybug!
Kylan's little friend!
Kylan loves hanging out with the boys and helping out.  Now, if it didn't flood this morning, I sure would have LOVED to hang out outside and get a little sun.  I woke up to the backyard being filled with water like I have never seen it before.  We ended up getting 2 inches of rain just this morning so hopefully we will get a break the rest of the day.  Oh well, it's supposed to be like this all week so we are all going to be cooped up in the house.  Hope everyone had a good Monday!  Talk to y'all later!


mommy4 said...

woohoo you have a garden! I love working in my little garden. One day I'll get a bigger one but I can't for now since our house is on the market and I can't take it with me. Kylan's little hands are so cute and chubby. Sounds liek you guys had a great time celebrating your anniversary. How many years have you guys been married?

KRiSTiN said...

Congrats!! My first wedding anniversary is coming up in just a couple weeks.

Kylan is SOOOO adorable. Helping with his little hammer. WHAT A SWEETIE!! He is seriously one of the cutest kids I've ever seen.

Hope you're doing ok. You sound stressed. :/

Alyssa said...

Hey Judy! I love my garden too. This year we are having a little trouble with it but it's our first year doing one so next year will be better. We will be married for 4 years. It's gone by so fast.
Kristin, Thank you! He's a mess and knows he's the cutest thing too! He uses it to his advantage too. How exciting and congrats on the first year!! :-) It goes by so fast. I am ok considering the situation. I am in the same boat as you and I am just trying to figure out what the next chapter in my life holds. Hoping I can find a part time job so I can be closer to home and be here for Kylan if I need to. Very stressful! :-S