Friday, April 2, 2010

Queenie's Easter Party!

Yesterday was Kylan's little Easter Egg Hunt at "Baby School" (as he calls it!) He had so much fun! Of course, Queenie was trying to get them to show us how to do the Hokie Pokie and Kylan was too busy showing off for us and was really concentrating on showing us that :-) He had a blast hunting eggs with Kylee. Kylee is 4 this is the one that he has a "Love/Hate" relationship with. She was so sweet though, giving him some of her eggs and if she found a fruit snack and then found another, she would give it to him. Here are some pics from his little party!
This little girl here is Kylee:
The cake that Queenie and Kylee made when Kylan was at Granna's the day before. Soo cute :-)
Kylee and Queenie doing the Hokie Pokie, Kylan just looking: lol
Both of them throwing themselves on the floor!

It's Good Friday and Kylan is home with me today. Wish it wasn't dreary and raining so we could go feed the ducks but it is! Hmmmmm, what to do today?!?!?! I'm sure we will figure out something ;-)

I will post pics from the Easter festivities this weekend in the next post so prepare for LOTS of pics :-)


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