Friday, April 9, 2010

Easter 2010

Well, I am finally getting around to my Easter post!!! :-S Sorry it took sooooo long :-)

Saturday, was an impromptu visit to Canton! Scott volunteered me to drive his mom and sister to Canton, which was fine because it meant a trip for me, and so in return, I volunteered Scott and Kylan to go to Wills Point with Scott's dad to take cows!! :-) Kylan LOVES being Pappy's Right Hand Man!! :-) Then after getting back, we went to Scott's mom and dad's to color some Easter eggs. This year was the first year that Kylan could really be interested in it. I will just let the pics explain ;-)

Waiting patiently with his smarties!!
And then it soon ended with this! He just wasn't very interested!! haha Oh well, maybe next year :-)

The next morning, we got up and the Easter bunny visited.

We then rushed off to Easter Mass and then after, went to feed the ducks some of the old bread we had. We then went home and Kylan and I took a little nap! I LOVE naps but unfortunately, I really don't get those anymore :-( I am definitely someone who LOVES their sleep and could sleep all the time if you would let me :-) We got up in about enough time to get ready to start our Easter Festivities. Starting out at Granny's:

He's ALWAYS up for presents:

We then headed over to Grandpa's. Kylan had a blast as usual with all the kiddos around.
It's ALWAYS good to see Grandpa smile after the month he's been through!! :-)
My Two Main Men:
Fixing to do the Egg Toss!
It was so nice outside, Scott decided to do a little fishing while Kylan and I watched! Probably one of my favorite pics :-)

Well, I have so many pics but I think I will end it at that. I have a busy weekend ahead! Birthday party tonight, Bridal Shower Luncheon tomorrow and Scott has a fire test in Mesquite. Good Luck Scott :-) And I am sure I will be doing some yard work too.

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy the weather :-)



KRiSTiN said...

I love the last pic, too!! So cute!! Looks like fun! Never thought of the egg toss... will have to steal that idea for next year. ;)

Alyssa said...

Thanks! :-) The key is is to use raw eggs. Start at a distance and then after one round of tossing, move back a step and try not to break the egg or there will be raw egg all over you! It's a fun game too with adults if yall have adult parties for Easter too! :-)