Monday, March 29, 2010

A little practice...

This past weekend was beautiful! I can't wait for this week, supposed to be in the 70's and 80's :-) Perfect weather for me! Anyway, this past weekend we went to some friend's of ours and they do an annual Easter Egg Hunt for the kiddos. Started out a little cool but it turned out to be a nice day :-) Kylan got TONS of eggs and got out a lot of energy.
He got so many eggs I had to go get a bag out of my car. Maybe I need to invest in a bigger basket for him!! :-)
He wanted to ride this bike so bad but his little legs just weren't long enough :-(
Some of the other kids made a creation in the sand box and I think it was itching Kylan that all these sticks were in there. He was trying to remove them!!
Back at home to relax. Guess he felt like he needed to be a reindeer!
We get to do another Easter Egg Hunt at his babysitters on Thursday. Should be a lot of fun. I do need to make sure and bring the camera. There is a girl named Kylee there and he is always talking about her. You see, they have this "Love/Hate" relationship!! They are always trying to compete and picking on each other, or at least Kylan picks on her, but he sure does talk about her a lot!

Here are some pics from Macie and Mia's family birthday party a couple weeks ago. Unfortunately, Macie's skate party got cancelled. Everyone was on spring break so most of her friends were out of town. But we did lots of jumping and playing :-)
Kylan jumping with his 3 cousins
My sister and I playing with them. I wish I had all the energy they have!
This one is my absolute fave! :-)

Now this one, cracks me up! He was taking a nap and we went to check on him. Take note of the Toddler Bible that he reads before he goes to sleep! He sleeps with it too!! haha This is how he was sleeping:

And these 2 are just random and cute!
He has his puppy in his shirt so he doesn't fall off while he rides :-) He's so smart!

Kylan is just constantly making me laugh. This is one of the many conversations that we had last week:
Kylan: I so Hansome!
Me: What did you say?
Kylan: I so Hansome Momma!
Me: Ohhh, yes Kylan you are Very Handsome!
Kylan: I Love You Momma!
That's probably my favoritest yet! :-)

Well, off to the park to run! Have a great Monday!

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