Monday, September 7, 2009

Kylan Went....

Potty!! Yep, that's what I said, Kylan went potty on his big boy potty tonight.  Unfortunately, I was on my training call so I missed it.  But I sure did get up and run as fast as I could when I heard Scott say, "You went potty, Yay!!"  I got in there and Kylan was sitting on the potty just looking around like, "yay, I went potty!"  The funny thing is he got up, looked in the potty, and said "Wow, bunch!"  LOL  He has the potty that congratulates him when he potties!!  Sorry to ramble on about going potty but I just can't help it :-)  You know I am a Mommy when I get sooooo excited about Kylan going potty! LOL


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KRiSTiN said...


This is the first step to mommy's freedom! Lol. Congrats little man! Such a big boy!