Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bumpy Tractor

I couldn't resist, I HAVE to show y'all how Kylan does the bumpy tractor!  He's sooooo cute :-)

LOVES this Elmo Camera!!
Thought I might stick this one in here of Chloe.  She took over one of my baskets I got for my desk.

Night Night Chloe, Luba You!
This one is of him swimming on the day that Tay-Tay's birthday party was.  He's getting good at it so I think next year we will put him in some swimming lessons.
I've got a busy week ahead of me.  I have to work and also get everything together for Kylan's birthday party on Saturday!  I just PRAY that it's not going to rain since it's at the park.  Just so hard to imagine that he's going to be 2!

Hope everyone has a lazy rainy day!