Monday, August 17, 2009

Busy Busy Momma

I have been one busy little bee so I haven't posted much lately which means I haven't taken much pictures!  I have been so busy with my little business.  I am LOVING what I am doing and the people I am working with!  Can't wait until next year when I may go to Salt Lake City for a convention and that just happens to be where Sarah lives (the girl that enrolled me!)

Lately Kylan has been a little cranky because he's working on his second set of molars coming in.  Poor thing, he's so slow at his teeth coming in.  He has definitely been in a "cheese mood"!

This was one evening before we went to a wedding:
These are just some random pics:
Scott fixed up and repainted a tricycle that Granna had at her house.  There still needs to be a little work done to it!
The BEAUTIFUL Stargazer Lillies that Scott got me!  These were in the wedding and I LOVED them! Not to mention they smell wonderful :-)

Here, Kylan is helping paint his playroom!  This is just the primer so it's not that color!!  I can't wait to put the finished results up.  It's going to be so fun and bright :-)
Who knew cats liked Bacon!! LOL  She is the prissiest cat but she LOVES chili, lasagna, spaghetti, and turkey bacon (as we found out this morning when she decided to start licking on it while we were eating!)  Of course this is the piece she was licking on so we just put it where she was laying and let her lick on it there!! LOL

Well, on an ending note, we need to go get some stuff for Kylan's room then I will be back home to work!! :-)  Hope everyone has a Happy Monday!

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