Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Hello Everyone!  I just wanted to post some pictures of Kylan's first Ranger's game last Tuesday!  I know I know, it's been a while but hey, I am doing it now right?!?!  ::snicker::

Anyway, we went to the Ranger's game and Kylan LOVED it.  Towards the end, it started going downhill because it was bedtime but other than that, he LOVED people watching, the game, airplanes, and birds!! LOL  He got a certificate for it being his first game and it's signed by Nolan Ryan! (I'm sure it's just a copy of his signature but who cares, right?)

Here's the new Cowboy's Stadium!  It's HUGE!!! Now if I could just get inside to see :-)
See my Kylan necklace!! I LOVE it!!
Baseball Santa
This was getting towards the end, as you can tell by the paci coming out!
I think there will be many more baseball games!! :-)  After all, we went to Academy to get me some more running shoes and Kylan and Scott picked out a little baseball glove.  It's so cute and small. (Hopefully he's right handed because right now, he's doing both hands :-S)

This one is for the Chastain's!!  Kylan loves his UPS shirt uncle Chris :-)

Now on this one, we some how acquired 3 children in no time!! This is what we found! LOL

One day, I was looking for Kylan and I walked into the bedroom.  I see this:

I have a little helper here.  He was looking at my calender to keep me straight on my appointments!! ::snicker::

Well, off to bed.  Have to get up at 5:30 to go with Scott to do his wake boarding lessons.
Everyone have a good week :-)

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