Monday, December 15, 2008

Finally, Another Post!

I know, I know, it's been awhile!! I've been slacking! Well, last weekend, Scott and I went on our getaway weekend to Fredericksburg. It was so nice and peaceful. I took off Friday so my sister came over wit the kids because they were also staying with my mom that weekend and my mom came and picked them up around 1:00 or so. We had just bought one of those Garmin Navigation things to guide us our destination and it took us through the back roads. (Very interesting!!) It took us through what seemed like some VERY steep hills and back roads where I counted 5 dead deer within a 5 mile radius of each other. We got there around dark and we had to check-in downtown so the first thing we see is the beautiful town at night with all the Christmas lights up. Once we got the directions from the office to the house, we were finally on the way. We were driving along and there, we spotted some deer just eating on the sides of the roads and in people's yards. We keep driving and we finally find our little place and drive into the driveway and there, we saw a whole bunch of deer just eating and lounging around in the front yards of the little houses! Being from the city, you just don't see that everyday! All in all, it was a very nice and relaxing trip. We spent all day Saturday going from shop to shop, fighting the horrible wind, and just taking our time at everything we did. We had no time limits and it was just nice to just go and do what we want with no restrictions. Next time we go, I would like to stay at the same place and go to some wine vineyards. We could have went this time but it was kinda expensive and everything is dormant so maybe in the spring or summer we can go again! I would definitely recommend this place. It's Palo Alto Creek Farm and there are several little places you can stay at. I put some pictures from the little getaway down below:

German for Welcome!

The history behind the house, the barn, and the log cabin:
View from the outside:

View from the inside: Note, all the original frame is still there(very rustic and cozy)

The year the actual barn was built:
The view of the front of the barn's cozy porch:
And here are some pictures we tried to get of the deer eating in the front yard:
This was in the back where they have a feeder:
On another note, here is a hilarious video that we got of Kylan and Chloe. At the beginning, he is trying to call Bandit (the dog). Notice what he tries to do to poor kitty: (LOL)

Now, I can't wait until Christmas next week and spend time with some family! Now I just have to get in the recipe book or try and think of something to make for my co-workers next Monday. Hmmmmmmm, Let me think! Maybe I will just make them some cookies or something. Anyway, I hope I can update the blog before Christmas but if not, I hope everyone has a safe and Merry Christmas!



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