Thursday, January 13, 2011


Well, it's been 3 years in a row that we have gotten snow! In Texas, we usually just don't get much snow. Maybe a dusting here and there and some ice but a couple inches of snow??? Anyway, seeing all this snow really got me itching to go skiing again!! Grrrrrr We were at Scott's grandfather's house for his birthday so all the family was there. All the kids got out there and had a huge snowball fight. (Including Kylan) Thankfully his snow jacket still fit and his gloves, but the boots, not so much. His mud boots had to do!! ;o) Let's get on to the pics :o)

This is how it started:
and then a couple hours later, it was this:
After we got done dropping off my car and getting out "The Beast", Taylor got HAMMERED when she got out of the truck!! LOL Everyone was waiting on her ;o)
Trying to do a snow angel. Couldn't really tell what it was when he was done ;o)
Get em' Kylan!!!
Scott Won!! LOL
I saw this last week after it started to melt in the grass but the snowmen were still standing! It cracked me up!

Anyway, off to bed!
Until next time :o)

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Lindsey Grace said...

Hey Alyssa!
Got to your blog through other Internet CEO Moms! I am in Mississippi and we have gotten snow this year, too! I think we get what Texas got a few days later! Feel free to stop by my blog sometime!