Tuesday, October 5, 2010


It's been a while!!! I have totally forgotten about this little blog!! :-S haha

This post is mostly going to be about Kylan's 3rd birthday party. As we all know, Kylan turned 3 on September 22nd. I had been planning his party for a couple of months, trying to steer him away from the "Tractor Theme", but no such luck. It was a toss up between fire trucks or tractors. Of course, he wanted tractors. It was really kind of hard to find the kind of tractor I wanted. I wanted the tractor that was the same colors as John Deere (green and yellow) but wanted it to look more like a vintage tractor. Thanks to Erika, she told me that she gets all her birthday stuff from Ebay. After a month or two of searching for the right tractor, I found one for a good price on Ebay!!! My thing was I didn't want to pay a fortune for invitations.

(Of course I erased the address!!)
She also made these cute little goody bag labels to match the invites :-)
The lady did a really good job on them! She customized it. If you are ever interested in what else she does, her website is www.bigdaycreations.com

Anyway, it was a pretty good day and Kylan got LOTS of presents (which are now all over the house) :-) We had to do a few adjustments since the weather didn't pan out the way it was supposed to but overall, it was a good day!!
Kylan and 2 of his cousins playing with all the new toys!
There is really too many pics to post. The pictures below were from later on that day after the sun came out. It was still a little too chilly for me to get in the pool so I sat and watched. (The pool was heated but still) ;-)

Well, it's Scott's night to cook and he's cooking some "paschettie" (as Kylan calls it) so off to eat!! :-)

Everyone have a good evening!!!

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