Wednesday, October 20, 2010


We did our pumpkin carving this past weekend!! I have to catch it on video because of last years HILARIOUS video. First you have to watch last years pumpkin debacle:

It's so hard to imagine that he was that tiny!! :o( He's growing up toooo fast!

This one is from this year. You can see he's holding it back but nothing as dramatic as last year ;o)

And here is the finished product of this year's pumpkin. Kylan picked out the picture and a spider it was :o)
This is while they were carving it:
The pic below is of him playing with one of his birthday presents. He got this from my grandparents Nonnie & PawPaw. I posted this for y'all to let y'all know he LOVES this toy!! Thanks so much for getting him this :o) I knew y'all would enjoy this!

Until Next Time!!!

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